Building your website application using API

There are a number of confusions, when terms such as API’s are put forward when developing complex based applications.

What is an API?

An API is a set of programming instructions and standards for accessing a web-based software application or tool.  They are the sets of requirements that govern how one application can talk to another, but the customer on your website will not be aware of the interactions the website will have with others to serve the customer.

It is easy to think of APIs in this context as doors that let XML messages in and out of a Web service. Like doors, they only swing in a certain way at a given time. And they are typically open only to those applications that have keys to the lock, for example a password.

We take an example of the travel agency platforms. Some of our Clients that we are developing their bespoke applications; API’s are required to serve their customers. It connects suppliers to their platform, so a customer does not need to go elsewhere to package a holiday or a business trip.

Building a website using API

There are a number of API’s out there and it is important you choose the right one to make sure that its serves your business purpose. For example, some API’s will only push your customers to their platforms, sharing the profit on transactions only. Whereas, there are other platforms that requires a fee to use which allows you to use their gateway, allowing your customers to remain on your website and then the transactions are monitored for sharing of the profit of a sale.

Our view is that if you wish to build your brand, then paying a monthly fee is far better so that your customers remain in your platform, rather than demonstrate to your customers that you have no control over those transactions and may send out the wrong signals to your potential customers.  

Real time solutions for your customers

We find that airlines price tickets is a source of many myths as those offering tips on the best time to buy a ticket, which includes tips about the best day of the week to buy a ticket, last-minute discounts offered by the airlines, and the conspiracy theories suggesting that the carriers use cookies to increase prices for their passengers. None of these three statements is entirely true.

First of all, we know that airlines look at patterns of travels as well as peak holiday seasons, however given that air traffic is becoming a frequent means to travel; studies have suggested that prices can be higher or lower on a given day of the week – yet, there is no clear consensus on which day that is.

So to deliver real time solutions to your customers, you will need to have a robust and dynamic website with the aim to serve that purpose. The simple purpose of turning each customer in your website into a transaction by providing them with choices and value for money.

We move back to the airline industry, and the carriers use complex and sophisticated pricing systems. The airline’s per passenger cost is the lowest when the flight is full, so carriers have incentive to sell as many seats as possible.

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