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Bangladesh and emerging technology investment by the Government

Bangladesh and emerging technology investment by the Government

  • by Admin
  • Thu, May 23, 2019 - 2:15am

The Bangladesh Government promise of making "Digital Bangladesh, which was set out 10 years ago, seem to be progressing. Bangladesh have seen an increase use of the internet and technology is now more accessible. Smart phones are cheaper and affordable to most of the Bangladeshi population. 

If we look at the Bangladesh Government statistics, 20 million had access to a mobile phone. Now we look at today's market and that has increased to 150 million. That's a huge increase, allowing businesses worldwide as well as Bangladesh to market their product and services. Globalisation will allow Bangladesh to grow and given the Bangladesh Government support on this, we believe this will lead to a better future for everyone concerned. 

Internet in Bangladesh is more cheaper and there are about 86 million people having regular access to the internet. We have to thank the providers to making internet cheaper and more accessible. 

The government has already planned to set up 12 IT parks at the district headquarters of Gopalganj, Mymensingh, Jamalpur, Rangpur and Barisal, Keraniganj in Dhaka, Comilla Sadar (South), Chittagong Port, Ramu in Cox’s Bazaar, Singra in Natore, Companiganj in Sylhet, and the KUET Campus in Khulna.

We see a growing future in digital for Bangladesh and as businesses as well as consumers have accessible internet, it will make Bangladesh more successful.

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