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How artificial intelligence will influence our work in future

How artificial intelligence will influence our work in future

  • by Admin
  • Wed, May 29, 2019 - 11:41am

Artificial intelligence is the blessings of computer science where computers gather about our likes, speeches, movements and researchers of artificial intelligence use all data and train machines how to react like humans and return us what we expect from them. Example of these technologies is visual perception, decision making, speech recognition, rapid thinking, language translation, way detection and so on.

Some prediction about Artificial intelligence which may apply in our day to day life

Assistance on delivering products

Drone can be the blessing of artificial intelligence. Drones are components able to move objects very readily and rapidly especially they can fly. Things are going to be changed when drone will become part of our daily life. With the advancement of artificial intelligence drone will assist us in many ways. While emergency assistance is needed, the drone will perform their tasks by delivering packages, emergency responses, medical products and other required credentials sending to the desired places.

Aid in business

In these days, AI technology is limited to work how humans do yet. In ten years, the advancement of AI will pave the way of rapid work in enterprises and will play a key role in the development of consumer dependent application. It will bring a great change in dealing with users and interaction with consumers will be much more professionals than humans do in recent days.

Healthcare facilities

Nowadays doctors are busy in looking after patients while there are limited doctors compared to the number of increasing patients thereby not having enough to do the studying and developing themselves in most cases. In the near future, AI studies are going to aid them by collecting and analysing patient’s data, diagnosing disease, interacting with patients and giving outcomes without a simple fault what human beings may do unintentionally.

Assists human to think in a smarter way

The exponential progress of artificial intelligence will allow us to think in a rapid and explicit way. It will allow us to predict more intelligent implements that can be applied to the machine. With the time saved AI will reduce human’s work in future.

However, every tool has some limitation whereas artificial intelligence is not out of it. Researchers are worried about the risks of involvement in the application developed with AI technology. Because implement rules and train a machine is more likely to teach a child. And this is the main cause of anxiety. While you provide training machines about human’s behaviour, it will be starting to analyse and imitate human’s behaviour that will make them more powerful than we imagine.

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