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Common computer problems and solutions in our day to day life

Common computer problems and solutions in our day to day life

  • by Admin
  • Sun, Jun 16, 2019 - 1:19pm

These days, the users of computers have been increasing for making our daily works easier. While running it, variety of problems is occurred and endangers the users and kills time. Some familiar problems and its solutions are given to the following paragraphs.

Turning off computers

To avoid over heated issues in any of its internal components, most computers are designed to turn off automatically. Your computer may get shut down while playing a graphically intense computer game. The may happens for a number of different reasons. If you run a windows operating system, an auto windows update can be the offender. The notification comes to you before computer shuts down. If you ignore or do not notice it, this may occur. However, the reason of shutting down can be the problem in your power supply.

Issues with application installation

In most cases, application might not install on your computer. This is most likely happen because your computer and its software are not compatible with the installing application. To run everything from a single program to hardware-intensive game in the pc, a minimum requirement needs to go smoothly. If your computer does not meet all the requirements then it experiences these issues. Installation process may be prevented for other reasons including hardware failures, storage space, missing files.

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