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Good reason to use Symphony Framework

Good reason to use Symphony Framework

  • by Admin
  • Thu, Jun 20, 2019 - 1:41pm

PHP Framework is a collection of classes easing developing process for the web developers. It is difficult to choose now-a-days which framework is the most appropriate to develop web application when there are so many option available. Symphony is one of the most inevitably popular frameworks within other frameworks. It is an open source MVC framework containing a set of reusable PHP components. Developers can use any of these components to work faster. Symphony has a huge amount of functionality for modern application development.

Some features of symphony framework

1. Quick app development

The main purpose of developing Symphony is also to help developers develop apps quickly, thanks to its reusable components. However, different framework might be suitable for different kinds of projects, so you might have to do a study of the different frameworks before choosing one. Moreover, Symphony is about three times faster than other PHP frameworks. It takes up very little memory space compared to its counterparts.

2. Usages of Reusable Components

Symphony runs in the MVC framework. This works on reusable Components concept this makes the development process moves rapidly as planned. Code testing is also fast and easy. One of the major advantages that Symphony has over other frameworks is the modularity that it offers making the framework very practical.

3. Templating system

One of the fastest, secure and most reliable php template engine is called Twig which is used in Symphony. It comes equipped with a sandbox mode that allows for the evaluation of template code that is not trusted. Twig has a flexible parser and lever that allows the developers to define their custom tags and filters.

4. Innovation for the developers

The reusability and flexibility of Symphony makes it one of the topmost PHP frameworks. However, the thing that makes Symphony real is the web debug toolbar which increases the productivity feature of the developer community.

5. Plugin bundles

Symphony has huge plugins which are also known as bundles. The purpose of the bundle is to increase the features and functionality of the frameworks. And the good news is that these plugin bundles can be used in future to the other projects. And it is easy to make changes to these bundles, even in the core project.


6. Community Support

There are plenty of resources open right before you while working with symphony. At the time of bugs and trouble you can ask the query to the community support. They are always ready to answer you.


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