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A fast and secure php framework

A fast and secure php framework

  • by Admin
  • Sun, Jun 23, 2019 - 1:23pm

PHP Framework is a collection of classes easing developing process for the web developers. It is difficult to choose now-a-days which framework is the most appropriate to develop web application when there are so many option available. Among all others php framework Yii is the most reliable high performance, component based php framework. It allows developers to develop large-scale web application quickly.

Why developers should use YII framework

  1. Easy to install: Time is the most significant asset for every developer. Compared to other php framework YII takes less time to install which saves lots of time of developers.
  2. Modern techniques: Advanced features of php framework has been used in yii framework. As it is a pure oop framework, all classes are namespaced.
  3. Highly Extensive Framework: YII framework is a highly extensive framework where developers find it easy to overwrite the row code according to his need.
  4. Security management: Security is a important part of any web application, and fortunately Yii has a few great features to help ease your mind. A security application component is available in YII that expresses several methods to help assist in creating a more secure application.
  5. Easy to extend: It is very simple to customize the YII based applications as it has a very simple code structure. You can also use different kinds of extensions and widgets as per the requirements. YII is an object oriented framework which is structurally clean and very simple to extend it. If you are not expert with the PHP frameworks and want to develop some simple applications, then maybe you should try an simpler framework. It is highly recommended to pick and try once YII who knows object oriented programming.

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