Reasons to use React Js in front end development

These days the number of frameworks and libraries available for frontend development is increasing. Among them React is one of the most popular and widely used libraries for frontend development. It is an open source JavaScript library used for front end development. Developed by Facebook, it has gained much popularity within a very short period of time. React JS allows developers to build high quality user interfaces using its component based library. Besides, it helps developers place HTML code inside JavaScript. If you ever heard about React and you are not sure if you should learn it then this article is for you. The most reliable and flexible reasons to use react js are as follows:

Easy to Learn

Compared to other frameworks, react Js is easy to learn and that is why a beginner can quickly learn it and build things with it easily. You will find anything what you need from installations, introductions, examples, beginner’s guide, online tutorials, github resources and so on. It is not because to start learning it for its huge online tutorials but mainly because it is a simple JavaScript library to learn. If one has a good understanding with javascript framework it would take a very short time to start with React JS.

User Interfaces:

Poorly designed interfaces are not chosen by the users these days, so building high quality user-interfaces is vital for business to move forward. However, react lets you build rich user interfaces. If your webpages has quality UI users will have interest to use your application.  

Fast Development:

If you require much time to build an app for users on the contrary your users need to be ready it quickly, it not only kill your valuable time but makes a clash between customers and developers. However, React JS has huge tools which are ready to get your things done rapidly. In this way, besides your clients are happy, you are having a good profit within a short time. There are many development tools available for react speeding up your work. For instance, browser extension called react developer tools can make your coding work a lot easier.

Used and trusted by great companies:

React is used by great and renowned companies. Being a very high-quality tool for frontend development there are many popular apps that use React and numbers of organizations can rely on it easily. As many successful companies including facebook, paypal use react, no doubts are left to depend on it.

Strong Community Support:

One of the biggest reasons to use React JS is that it has a very strong community support to solve when beginners get stuck with an error. Being an open-source library developers are making React better and coders from around the world are helping people learn the technology in different ways. Some people upload free React tutorial videos on YouTube while others write useful tutorials and blog posts. These tutorials, blog posts will definitely help you and make you a better React coder. Besides people around the world help beginners consistently to learn react better by answering their question through QA websites including StackOverflow and quora. So, if you face problems while working with react you can post and lots of developers are ready to answer the questions.


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