Why software testing is vital for software development

It is crucial for an organization to invest in testing software while it is imperative and has many benefits of it. The key points behind this are as follows:

Saving Money: The most important and preliminary reason of software testing is cost-effectiveness. Having proper testing of your software can save money in the long run. However, Software development has many steps and if errors are held in earlier stages costs are less to fix then. Imagine you have developed a software for bank whereas they have already thousands customers. But when users install it and cannot sign up due to a small bug, it might make them disappointed and they may be incentive to install another similar app. Perhaps, they will not move backward to install it again. Ultimately, the organization will have a big impact in their business. That is why it is much more important to ensure the software quality through software testing.

2. Security: Another important point is to add is software security. It is said to be the most vulnerable part where hackers may stole the information and take advantage. That is why user wants to have secure software so that they can rely on it and with the software testing the whole security of the software is assured though the process is not very simple in nature.

3. Product Quality: Quality of product is vital as it enhances the level of support and facilities given to the customers. At the time of development when issues come and fixed another issue may appear unexpectedly somewhere else, that is just how testing goes sometimes, so it is great to find those issues to be resolved and be a part of quality product. If the quality of the application is good and perform well, increasing the chance to win the customers and gain the popularity in the marketplace.

4. Customer Satisfaction: It is said to be one of the significant part of the software development. The main goal of a developer is to give the best customer satisfaction. To win the customer trust is not simple. Imagine you are a user of an app and have trouble and got a horrible a situation at the time of installation. Instantly, you will not want other to use it and will tell not to use it.

However, the importance of software testing knows no bounds. It is crucial to invest in it for an organization. Company should hire a person who is experienced in software testing and the bugs should be eliminated before taking over the software to the customers.


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