A guideline for website Security

Website security is an action or application where ensured all the data and information are secured and not to expose the third party in any way. It is vital to ensure the security of your site when launched. Cyber attackers can damage your reputation, discourages visitors coming back to it by stealing data from it. However, all the security can be ensured by website security. This article will be giving you the basic information about website security and what solutions can be to make sure that your website is not taken down by any third party.

Some threats that can endanger your website

Your website may get vulnerable by DDos attacks which can slow or crash your website, building a barrier to access to the visitors. Another one is called malware meaning malicious software is a very common threat implements to steal sensitive customer data, allow cybercriminals to access your website. If search engine find malware website may get removed from search engine result page and identified with a warning that turns visitors away. There are many other ways to make the website vulnerable. For instance, attackers not only steal the valuable information by accessing the website, but they design the form of a webpage that seems legitimate but drive traffic to the malicious website. Moreover, unusual links, pages and comments that kept on a site to confuse your customers and move traffic to the malicious websites.

What to do to secure website

An SSL Certificate:

SSL certificates ensure the website’s security as it is transferred from your site to a server. This is a basic website security measure, but it is so crucial that popular browsers and search engines are now labelling sites without SSL as insecure, which might make visitors suspicious. Depending on your site, you may be able to get an SSL certificate for free, but be sure to take the SSL certificate that suits for your site. However, do bear in mind SSL only protects date at the time transaction so you need to take further steps for a fully secure website.

A web application firewall

It stops automatic attacks that commonly target small websites. These attacks are carried out by malicious bots that automatically search for vulnerabilities and the threats that slow or crash your website.

A website Scanner

A website scanner looks for malware, vulnerabilities and other security issues so that you can mitigate them appropriately. Site Lock’s scanners not only remove known malware, they also search for threats on a daily basis and let you know if anything is found, reducing the amount of damage it can do to your site.


In the long run, it is said there is a fast and simple way to get what you need to protect your websites through website security which gives an easy and affordable solution.


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