How Search Engine Optimization works for small business

SEO is the process of optimizing your website to get organic traffic from search engine results page. In other words, SEO means certain changes that occurred in website design and content to make site more attractive to a search engine. Website owners do that in hoping that search engine will display their website as a top result on the search engine results page. However, search engines want to deliver the best service for users. This means providing results on the search engine pages that are relevant to what the user is seeking for. So, how search engine starts searching for the website. In the very beginning, search engines will scan, or crawl, different websites to understand what the site is about. This helps them provide more relevant results to those who are searching for certain topics or keywords. Moreover, the search engines scan the site to figure out how easy it is to navigate and read, bringing user-friendly sites with higher rankings on the top of the search engine results page. There are several profits of having SEO for your business. SEO works to expand your visibility on the search engines. This helps you reach and show your website to the more potential customers. By providing more engaging and effective SEO-focused content into your website, you can increase your chances of bringing in more targeted organic traffic.

Factors of SEO

So now you know what means SEO and how it works. Let us take a look at some of the factors that impact your search engine optimization ranking. These factors include both on-page and off-page factors which are as follows:

Content Marketing:

Before we move into the factors including on page SEO and off page SEO it times to understand about content. Content writing is an effective solution that helps your organization makes connection with site visitors. The more quality and relevant contact pieces having your website, the more likely   search engine will rank your website higher and bring it to the search engine results page promptly.

On page SEO

The on-page SEO factors are those elements that occur on your website. A few of the on-page SEO factors that can help you improve your search ranking are as follows:

Title Tag – The title tag on each page means what your page is about. This should be 70 characters or less which includes both the keyword that you focus on and your business name. Besides, it can be your business slogan.

Meta Description – The meta description on your website makes the search engine understand a little bit more about what each page is about. This must include the keywords and also provide enough details to the reader what the content is about.

Sub-headings – Sub-headings make your content easier for visitors but also it improves your SEO. You can use H1, H2, and H3 tags to help search engines better understand what your content is about.

Internal Links – You should focus on building internal links or hyperlinks to other content on your site that help search engines get more about your site. For instance, if you write a post about the details of a certain goods or service you can link it in the blog post. It is an effective way to make the visitors attractive to scroll your site.

Image Name and ALT Tags – If you do use images on your website or in your blog content you can include your keyword or phrase in the image name and alt tag. This will help search engines better index your images appearing when users perform an image search for a certain keyword.

Off-Page SEO

Off page SEO factors can also impact your website. Although you do not have any direct control over it, there are ways to follow that will provide better results in bringing your website to the top of the SERP page. Here are some tips to follow for off-page seo:

Obtaining trust – To be trustworthy as an valid website to the search engines including google is the most effective method to get the rank higher. Having quality backlinks to the authorized website build the trust as an legitimate website to google helping the website rank rapidly.

Links – One of the most significant ways to build off-page SEO is getting backlinks. You should build quality content and post it to the relevant websites and links back to your website, increasing the chance to have more organic traffic.


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