Few indications about your website that seems negative

High Bounce Rate: High bounce rates marks a negative sign in your website. Having high bounce rate means visitors leaves quickly after they scroll into your site rather than browsing other pages. It may happen for some valid reason including there may not be relevant information in your site or information is too much and not clear to the visitors or having not much imaginary information. These create high bounce rate which needs to eliminate by throwing relevant information with high quality images that attracts visitors to scroll and spend few times into the website.

Unbroken Text: Texts with no break lines may not vivid to the visitors thereby keeping them away from staying in the website while they have much better information with proper subheadings, infographics and clear images may lead to believe your site is trustworthy and rich with full of content what they aspire.

Page Speed:  Please do bear in mind that your website takes not much time while loading. If your website takes a while to load, visitors will more likely keep them away from visiting.

Images: Visitors are more likely to dive into images at the time of visits websites. So, it is very crucial to have high quality images. On the contrary, website with full of images is not appealing to the visitors as they may get bored seeing such a website. Therefore, your website should have images with relevant contents.

Contents Update: It is very vital to update your website’s content. It helps rank your website as crawler reads update contents thereby making it popular.


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