Do the advantages of Artificial Intelligence Outweigh the Risks?

Artificial intelligence is a part of computer science that aims to build a machine acting like a human or as smart as human. Technology has been improving at a breakneck speed where people now have powerful gadgets in their own pocket than they had in the entire home back in the 90s. There have been immense breakthroughs in the field of machine technology. In terms of artificial intelligence, machines now can impersonate human beings as well as they process information in a very sophisticated manner. Moreover, machines now can perform complex function such as facial recognition. There has been a huge argument regarding the risks of artificial intelligence on human beings. It has been a matter of concerns on how AI has been integrating in our day to day lives. Consequently, as a result of the development of AI, it is feared that artificial intelligence can cause serious harnesses among people and society particularly at times it can create killer robots.

Although the implementing of AI into human lives might sound daunting enough to eliminate the features of its application, here is why Artificial intelligence can offer a range of benefits to the people on earth.

Uses of artificial intelligence can be a distinct exploration. There may have many parts of our earth which is still unknown to us and people may not be sent due to safety purpose. However, if machines are sent to those places with lots of configuration we are more likely eligible to detect many unfamiliar objects thus increasing the knowledge of us and may be helpful for the people and society.

Now-a-days the applications of AI are widely being adopted rapidly and smart machines are performing tedious tasks for humans to reduce the workloads. For instance, banking sectors have been highly benefited, thanks to the smart machines. Financial institutions are seen taking full advantages of smart machines by using automation AI technology in easing the tasks from counting the money to detect fake currency. It ultimately saves a huge time of workers as well as consumers.

However, though AI brings numerous benefits in making our life worth living still we are not out of danger. It is frightened machines will not perform the goals as they are told. Machines just go through the actions set by humans. That does not mean machines will become evil. It means machines may not deliver the expected results which can be detrimental for human lives particularly in automotive transportation and healthcare industries.

While the power of smart factories and intelligent machines are limitless, the need of humans for operating machines will no longer exist. As the performance of machines is far better than humans and machines do not require break or leave, it will lead to severe unemployment conditions in the future. If healthcare and hospitals have highly configured robots to maintain and care all patients or schools have robots to teach the children with more efficient way there will be no longer a demand for humans. This will lead to devastating effect in our society.


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