What Makes Tech ICS the best software development company

If different people are asked what makes a good company you more likely will not get the similar answers from everyone. This is because good means different things to different people. For instance from a consumer’s aspect a good business provide fantastic products and services while a business owner believe good business supports itself. However, there are numerous features that are commonly seen among successful businesses.

A well planning: Good businesses need good plans. To make a business successful, business plan does not need to be complex. Rather you should make a plan that is well schematic which includes considering your finances, product development, distribution and marketing plans. 

Good service: Service is a matter of importance. This can be called the preliminary purpose of a good company. Good customers service program focus on treating customers well, answering questions and meeting their expectations. These approaches fill the purpose of businesses which keep business owners engaging with customers and building strong relationships. Building proper relations with customers strengthen the company’s value. Customers’ satisfaction should be the first priority for the business owners. Without satisfactory services it is quite impossible to be able to take the company forward.

Strong and positive Leaders: Good companies need good leaders who are decisive enough when it comes to leading the company. Good leaders understand how to build strong bonding and how to continue open relationship with employees. They are eligible enough in motivating team members with great responsibilities and accountabilities.

Willingness to accept risks: The leaders of good companies always keep themselves ready to accept the risks and hazards when they realize these risks can lead to being able to do business better. However, they avoid taking risks without efficient planning.

Considering all the above areas, Tech ICS can be viewed as one of the best software companies in Bangladesh. It is based in London and has an additional office in Sylhet, Bangladesh. Founded in 2017 and in the past two years of its operation it has served over 200 clients.

With a well-coordinated team of 50+ IT professionals, Tech ICS serves their customers, despite of their operation domain, geographical location and organizational specifics. Our successful projects are the ramifications of the profound expertise in custom software development, business commitment and trusted communication with their customers.

Tech ICS has been established as a leading name in delivering unique technology solutions and services that always globally standards and latest technology trends. Through our services, we help company owners attain their business objectives thereby driving them to success.

What we do

Tech ICS provide technical solutions what your business requires. Our complete portfolio of services includes

  • Custom software development
  • Mobile app development
  • Ecommerce solutions
  • Banking solutions
  • ERP solutions
  • Accounting Software

Custom Software Development

We are the leading software Development Company having 70 years of combined experience in custom software development to develop and deploy complex technology solutions to our customers world-wide.

Our agile development methodology, combined with our design thinking and strategic consulting, enables customers solve their critical digital challenges on time and within their budget. Unlike any other IT companies in Bangladesh, Tech ICS make sure that our solutions meet the global software development standards in addition to our clients’ requirements.

Mobile app development

Mobile has already taken over the desktop for the internet usage. In this 21st century, mobile has become a necessity. It is difficult to imagine a life without mobile and mobile application has been quite important in mobile especially in smart phones.

Here, at Tech ICS we have expertise in developing apps for iphone and Android. Our developers are dedicated in creating seamless and intuitive mobile application that offer the best user experience depending on your business and end-user requirements.  When it comes to developing smooth, reliable scalable and robust apps within the specified time frame, we ensure 100% customer satisfaction. 

E-commerce Solutions

We provide custom e-commerce solutions to clients utilizing the best tools in the industry such as Magento, Wordpress, Joomla, etc. Such tools are known to provide the developers to design the website according to the requirements of the clients.

We have created ecommerce websites for many companies to maintain different size ecommerce shopping carts and online payment systems to sell their products and we design a shopping cart compatible with their existing website.

Banking solutions

With the appearance of modern computer technology, banking systems around the world have experienced a huge transformation. In the past few decades there has been a revolution that has introduced new methods of basic banking activities.

The latest technological innovations have replaced traditional banking methods with modern and sophisticated ideas. From simply a place to deposit money and lend money, the banks have become as an integral part of the economy and financial systems around the world.

At Tech ICS we provide secure online Banking solutions following the latest banking strategies. To give your customers the independence of banking from anywhere and anytime, we provide a complete range of most secure solutions developed for your banking business and financial institutions. Our offered solutions support mobile banking, online bill payments, remote access to account, online transactions and many more on-demand banking services you ask for.

ERP solutions

Every business has its own objectives, processes and requirements. With the advent of technology, these days’ businesses need technologies with complete functions which can bridge the gap between business processes and people. Running a large organization with multiple departments and teams can be complex.

An ERP system gives a helping hand to the organization by synchronizing all the information and communication system within the organization. Besides, Utilizing an ERP system within an organization changes the way people work.

We provide ERP solutions for the business process automation. No matter how big or small your businesses, why type of business it is our ERP software will help achieve operational efficiency. With the ERP solutions, internal interaction within the organization gets intensified. Moreover, our ERP software will produce perfect solution in reducing labour costs.  

Accounting Software:

Not a matter how big or small your business is. Accounting software is a vital tool for small or big businesses, Most of the business owners prefer to spend all the time delivering their services to customers instead of generating invoices or creating financial reports where quality accounting software can be so valuable to business owners. Accounting software helps you manage your finances.

Here at Tech ICS, our accounting software will help you record and process accounting transactions for organization within functional modules including accounts payable, accounts receivable, journal, general ledger, payroll, and trial balance.

The purpose of Tech ICS

Like every company Tech ICS has its own purpose that every employee does know about it. It is not literally possible to achieve all the purposes based on a developing country like Bangladesh. But we are endeavouring our best to attain the purpose as the best IT Company in Bangladesh.

Contact us to bring the difference in your business!


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