Top technical skills to learn in 2020

If you really aspire to invest in your future, the best way to go on IT field. IT field is a dynamic one with so much updated every day. So, software engineers should stay updated with these emerging technical skills.

Machine learning

Machine learning is one of the exciting technology and one of the most profitable and innovative skills to learn. IT firms have already started relying on and adapting solutions based on ML model. From voice enabled assistants to chatbots there are numerous use cases of machine learning. The companies utilizing artificial intelligence and machine learning will be on the top-notch tech firms in 2020.

Machine learning can be applied to diverse industry such as finance, education, health care, agricultural and etc. IT experts who have started educating in AL and ML themselves are more likely to earn top salaries in 2020.

UI/UX design

With the advancement of technology, the demand for UI/UX designers is also increasing. Most of the renowned companies are looking for the professional with best user interface or user experience specialists. UX gives excellent opportunities to those working in it to progress relatively rapidly with their career development if they show talent and have the right mind-set. Candidates having great innovative abilities are enlisted by top organizations because the design aspect of programming applications is a significant concern nowadays.

Data visualization

The human brain are more likely intending to process visual information far more easily than written information. Use of a chart or graph to summarize complex data guarantees faster comprehension of relationships than cluttered reports. The importance of data science and importing of cloud computing are increasing at a great extent. Data visualization acts as a bridge between technical and non-technical persons and it helps in the transformation of information to collect by analysts into visual form.

Cyber security

Most of the companies collect customers’ sensitive information. However, data breaching is one of the unpleasant things an organization can ever witness. It can effect a company both financially and branding perspective. So, most of the companies are looking for the individuals who are specialists in cyber security. Considering these scenarios, cybersecurity will be one of the demanding skills in the 2020.

Cloud Computing

Cloud computing has become eminent in recent years. Utilizing any internet service depends on cloud computing. As most of the companies depend on internet the demand for cloud computing jobs are also rising.

Artificial intelligence

Artificial intelligence is on the rise and its usage is also quickly rising. AI means the ability of machines to work and react like humans. It makes computers intelligent to think, problem-solving, voice recognition, learning, planning etc.  

Data science

Data science is a multidisciplinary field blending various tools such as scientific methods, algorithms, processes and system to get data. A data scientist will look and analyse data from many angles. Data science is used for making predictions and decisions with the help of predictive and prescriptive analytics and machine learning.

Digital marketing

When it comes to marketing products and brands on the internet the contribution of digital technologies is uncountable. Marketing is accomplished to reach customers via various online media platforms. The ultimate goal of digital marketer is to display its products in sites with heavy traffic in order to reach many customers. Using banner and advertising display are common is digital marketing.

The demand for a digital marketer is increasing and also the payment of digital advertising professional will also increase in 2020.

Mobile application development

These days’ mobile applications are booming and every business has its own mobile apps. Divers apps are being used in the fields of delivery, health, gaming, insurance etc. These apps are available on IOS and web platforms. In this scenario, the demand for mobile apps has increased.

Software testing

Each software needs frequent testing to keep it updated regarding quality and capacity. Essentially, software testing distinguishes how much software meets its client needs. It likewise recognizes and fix security absconds.

The interest for a software tester is expanding, the pay rates vary from organization to organization however an ascent in acquiring relies upon the experience level.

Natural language processing

Natural language processing is the technology utilized to make computers understand the natural language of humans. It integrates artificial intelligence, computer science and information engineering.

In NLP, codes are being carried to the computers to perceive human expressions. These systems are able to understand its user intents. So, it ultimately aims computers to read, decipher, understand and make sense of human languages in a valuable and beneficial manner.


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