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Today’s business world is full of cyber breaches, with attackers bypassing conventional security deployments to steal data and disrupt operations. There are important questions required to be asked,

  • What data is required to be secure in your enterprise. 

  • Which precautions have been taken by you thus far. 

  • What improvements can be made. 

Prevention used to be enough, but now organisations need to take a stratified approach to IT security. An approach that uses threat intelligence to prevent badness from getting onto your network. Recognising that you won’t be able to stop everything you need a solution that monitors your environment to ensure that you can detect malicious activity in good time and extinguish it. Your approach should include as a last line of defence rehearsing your incident response plans so that you can respond effectively to security incidents and minimise their impact on your servers. 

With a rise in targeted cyber attacks with many new threats, groups and operations emerging on a daily basis, real-time actionable attack intelligence is vital for counter-measures and proactive action to protect the security and digital infrastructure.

The rise of social media, cloud computing and mobile device adoption in the corporate environment has helped to erase the boundaries around companies. Organisations must now secure information outside the ‘castle walls’ in addition to protecting the perimeter.

Online criminals and adversaries may spread misinformation, dissent or defamation about an organisation, badly compromising its brand and reputation. The ever-changing, global, multi-lingual nature of the threat has made it difficult to track — until now.