Technical IT Support & IT Managed Services

Tech ICS is a London-based IT Agency and provides both technical IT support & IT Managed? Services. We provide also IT strategy and support for ambitious businesses, making sure our clients are supported in their technology needs. We know that when there is a requirement for technical support, you intend to make sure that there is someone there for your business at all times and this is what we provide.

Our online ticketing system with customer support service throughout the day ensures that your systems, website, your software application, or any IT Managed services are looked after by our team at Tech ICS. Tech ICS provides IT Support Services for London business, by solving IT problems before this affects your business. Tech ICS are ideally suited to look after your organization’s IT support, whatever the role of scale, and we work with small to medium & large businesses.

Our IT Managed Services packages provide comprehensive coverage taking IT problems away before they occur, allowing you to focus on your main objectives, your business. At Tech ICS, we will advise on your IT strategy, consider which technologies and cloud solutions are best deployed to meet your short, medium, or long term objectives. Our IT Project Managers will plan, discuss, and create an action plan to deliver this for you.

We’ll take your IT Support from a reactive to a proactive solution, as we will use our experience and knowledge to keep your business moving. Our team is experienced in providing full IT Managed Services and making sure your systems are protected. We have experienced technical support staff to manage your IT systems. We do also disaster recovery, making sure that the downtime of your system is limited. We act before your systems go down, as technology can be great when it works but can drive your business down if this is not well Management. Technology can bring your business growth and sustainability but if not Managed well, it can drive your business down.

Here is a summary of the support services we provide:

IT Managed & Help-Desk support

Your colleagues will have a point of contact with our support team. Once the ticket is raised, our team will filter this down to the relevant tech support. You can then view your ticket online or you can contact our team for an update. Based on your service contract, we aim to deliver the solution. If there are delays, we will keep you informed throughout the live ticketing. We sometimes use remote support tools to access your systems and computers. This may be essential depending on the service contract and the type of technical support services we are providing your business.

Knowledge Centre

We have a live, interactive knowledge center, which solves 6/10 issues. There are a number of common issues that can easily be fixed and our technical team will guide you on resolving this.

On-Site Support

On-site IT support involves a technician being on your business premise, providing help to their staff as required. Tech ICS can provide a full IT Managed service and provide your business with immediate support. We can also send our colleagues to your business, depending on the contract of service.

Benefits of Outsourcing Technical Support

We find that our services add value to our Clients, and at Tech ICS, we know that having an IT Agency like us drives costs and improves business growth. This is because you don’t need to be worried about your IT services being abandoned and have Tech ICS manage your technological requirements.

We also know that the financial savings can be made by taking away the overhead annual cost of hiring a member of staff to support the systems. It may also allow a company to budget more easily as a payment plan can be incorporated into fixed agreements. A business might also notice an increase in uptime, because employees would be allowed to focus on crucial business development rather than trying to fix issues themselves, perhaps with a lack of knowledge.

Getting Tech ICS help

If you want to discuss more our technical support services or our full IT Managed Services, you can email us at or you can call our team on 0207 237 3388, option 2. We are here to help. There are no obligations in taking our services. We want you to be comfortable with our approach, so we are not after sales but more about building a relationship with you.



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