About Tech ICS

Welcome to Tech ICS. Your journey with us begins this very moment.
With an office in Sylhet, Bangladesh and London, United Kingdom, we are an innovative and entrepreneurial company providing digital marketing solutions as well as other IT services to clients in the United Kingdom and Overseas.

About Tech ICS

London Office: With a team of twelve running operations in both of our London offices, specifically focusing on enhancing the quality of our products and project management. Our creative designers and senior developers also work from our London offices ensuring that our project deliveries are being met and meeting our high expectations.

Asia Office: Ten Stars work at the office, largely filled with core web & software programmers.

Fitting with the right technology requires a balance of realism and vision. At Tech ICS, we capitalise on the diverse technology and commercial expertise held ensuring quality delivery.

Technology has initiated vast improvements for all businesses and social enterprises around the globe. Tech ICS believe we can make a difference to your development. Improving Customer Experience has been a key factor behind businesses & enterprises investing in infrastructure.

We specialise in corporate identity, e-commerce, digital marketing, hosting and web development services. Each creative idea is unique and requires its own mixture of innovative design and strategic thinking. 

Our Mission

Building a strong relationship with you. As a IT & Digital Agency, we are transparent in the way we work, and always work to deliver projects on time. We have and continue to work with many B2B and B2C brands by helping them meet their needs and goals. At Tech ICS, we are comfortable working both with SME and blue-chip companies.

It is always to exceed your expectations. At Tech ICS, the people we have is our most valued asset. We're on a journey to ensure best practice with quality of service. 

Our Vision

Tech ICS vision is to translate the needs and goals of our customers into reliable systems and applications, whether that is web development to software applications to technical support in information technology, bringing both ease of use and efficiency within your business. We also consider future operational costs and risks to your business, so that you can always make an informed decision. By implementing the best UX and CX practices, as well as choosing the best technologies and project management methodologies, we give our clients a competitive advantage in business.

Tech ICS is here to make a difference to the world of technology. We aim to become a market leader in the technology industry, with award winning recognition throughout the world. 

ICS Legal | UK Visas and Immigration

ICS Legal is our sister company based in London, United Kingdom. Our speciality is in UK Immigration, EEA, Human Rights & British Nationality.

The business has been in operation since December 2005, we have become a recognised business in the UK Immigration industry. Log on to www.icslegal.com to read more about us. We specialise in, 

  1. Providing legal advisory services to both private clients and businesses. 

  2. We conduct managed services on behalf of clients to the UK Home Office. 

Areas of speciality are as follows: 

  1. Partners and family based applications. 

  2. Visits for family and business individuals. 

  3. Work based – Tier 2 Visa, or Entrepreneurs applying under the Tier 1 Start Up or Investor Route. 

  4. The settlement, indefinite leave and British nationality applications. 

  5. Appeal services, representation to the tribunal as well as judicial review processes. 

Contact us on 0207 237 3388, or email us at info@icslegal.com

Tech ICS Locations

Tech ICS are global technology providers, we specialise in Digital and IT. Our services are quite extensive and are focused on bespoke services. This page is dedicated to users finding us, ensuring we cover your area- Tech ICS Locations We Cover. 

Services are based on: 

  • Domain Purchases and Web Hosting Services.

  • Designing and building your Website. 

  • Bespoke Customer Management Systems. 

  • Product Management System.

  • Content Writing. 

  • Search Engine Optimisation including Digital Marketing. 

You can read more surrounding our services. It is imperative to have specialists managing your site, working with growing trends and improving user connectivity and this is what we do. We are Web Developers based in the United Kingdom. 

Our team is constantly seeking new challenges and believe we are the right partner for your business. For us it is being informative and adaptive that allow us to deliver results. 

A background on Tech ICS | Digital and IT, we have been operating since 2006. It is the belief of our business that we’ve progressed this far based on the support we have from our clients. 

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Our Happy Clients

The response from the clients we work with allows us to grow and improve on our services.
The Tech Team work tirelessly throughout the year.
Go through our Portfolio and tell us how we can help you.
Let us share a story together.

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    Lower Road, London SE16 2XB
  • Mon-Fri 9am-6pm
  • 0207 237 3388
    (UK Local Number, 1p per min)
  • info@techics.com
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  • +880-1762062834
  • info@techics.com
  • Tech ICS West World, 6th floor Office 712-713 Jallarpar Road, Zindabazar Sylhet