E-Commerce Support & Service Management

Ecommerce web developers at Tech ICS are recognised as one of the best web developers in the UK & Bangladesh with over 20 years of combined experience in website and software development. 

These days the internet is utilized not only to search for information and connect with more people but it has now become a platform where you can buy and sell products or services. An e-commerce website is a website that provides you with the opportunity to sell products and services to your online audience. As a business, it allows you to work with a greater audience but it is important to get it right, as this can bring benefits as well as negative impacts to your business. 

Why e-commerce website design is required for your business

Living in the digital world along with the advancement in technology and the popularity of the internet more people are moving to the web for a number of reasons. If you have a website and do have any website then you are most likely losing a number of positive opportunities for your business. A website can be utilized to accomplish many purposes to take the business to the next level rapidly. It is the only website by which you spread your business to the customers that helps your business grow. Your website will be the centre of your company’s online presence and through it, you can hold the trust of your customers. 

Advantages of e-commerce website for your organizations

You can expand your business utilizing an e-commerce website to national and international markets with minimum capital investment. You can easily locate more customers, the best suppliers and perfect business partners over the world. An e-commerce website helps your organizations reduce the cost of creating processes, distributing, retrieving and managing paper-based information by digitalizing the information. You are eligible to provide your audience 24/7 days support to purchase from you. Whether it is a weekend or national holiday your store is always open helping you make more sales even boosting sales. Utilising your E-commerce website allows you to expose your brand very widely which helps your business grow and attract customers from all over the world. An e-commerce website is much easier to set up and run than an actual physical store. 

There are many good website development and management systems which can easily do this task for you at reasonable rates. It is not just easier but also a lot cheaper. You will require a smaller workforce to run your business thus reducing risk and uplifting the profitability to manage. An e-commerce website helps the organization simplify their business processes and makes the business faster and easier to manage thus increasing the efficiency of the business process.

Why you should choose Tech ICS for your e-commerce business

Our professional and skilled website developers will analyse your business before commencing your project. We pride ourselves to be proficient in developing WordPress platforms and helping your business grow. Our focus is on not only to fulfil the project according to your demand but we are promised to deliver it after your full satisfaction. However, we a quality experience in working with numerous renowned organizations locally and even globally. We do make sure all pages of websites are user friendly with completely unique coding style. We design your website in such a way so that customers while browsing are most likely to like your website and surely come back when needed. 

Moreover, e-commerce website development from Tech ICS offers total website customisation so that your web platform fits your requirements perfectly, and works in the way you and your business are used to operating. A scheme that anyone can utilize – with all the features you need. Our system works the way you do. It is intuitive and has only the options you need to get the job done. The easy to use interface of a Tech ICS will give you full control of your web content.

However, when your e-commerce website is ready to launch, you will receive comprehensive training and ongoing support from our friendly team, along with a dedicated account manager. A Tech ICS retainer package gives you regular performance analysis and statistics, along with expert marketing advice to help you build your business at home and abroad.

Our Technical Support 

Our technical support team will provide you with 24/7 days service for any kinds of fixing bugs and errors after delivering the project. Some of the services we offer which are including:

  1. Security maintenance.

  2. Site troubleshooting.

  3. Server management. If you or your enterprises are online, then you need to make sure there are no downtimes. We will also make sure all correct patches/error logs/fixes etc. are made to prevent downtime as well as data loss. 

  4. Content Management Systems (CMS) user guides and training. 

  5. Cross browser compatibility upgrades.

  6. Regular performance enhancement audits.

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