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A world where nothing stands still, generational thinking.

Our consultation services allows us to conduct a review of existing practices within your business, where our experts can then map out the next moves you should be taking.

This is an integral service for your business, that can save both time and money. We are in the business of now, and then tomorrow. Our focus is to create strategies with a combined vision in meeting targets.
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Brilliant basics by Tech ICS

At Tech ICS, we will provide solutions to fit your business needs, driving costs and time down, which helps you build on your business growth and redefining customer experience.

By consulting with Tech ICS, we would be able to assess your business needs and provide a fair, reasonable solutions to meet your business needs. We help our clients reimagine the front office to better serve customers and employees, and to provide sustainable growth through new experiences.

For that reason, Tech ICS have created our Hybrid CMS system which can integrate all your solutions into one, bringing your business together as well as driving costs down and stop wastage in the business. Our SaaS product is cost effective, allowing you to manage your customer's journey through your business.
Innovative product & application services

Innovative product & application services

Technology drives business efficiency, so at Tech ICS, we look at the current technology stack which are available and look into innovative ideas, to support your business. From building customised customer management systems to inventory management systems to more complex models of ERP tools, putting your business growth at the forefront.

Our innovation-led approach to application services helps you to reinvent your enterprise application portfolio, making use of emerging technology and building with speed and agility to enable you to meet business needs, now and in the future.

During our customer journey's, we have built experience and knowledge on legacy systems, digital and SaaS solutions, and look into bringing a more simplified but innovative solutions. We will advise on the digital growth, building a more simplified solution for your business.
customer experience

Customer experience

With emerging technology, our clients understand how vital customer experience is when it comes to their digital services, whether you have a website, customer management system, or any technological tool to support your business into serving your customers.

We connect deep human and business insights with the possibilities of technology to define and deliver new realities. Experiences that can make lives easier, healthier, safer, more productive and rewarding.

Experience tells us that when your drive your customers into your digital services, you want to make sure they enjoy that experience, for example, if you are a law firm, you would like your clients to have the ability to see their case details and its progression. Where you are an insurance company, the ability for your customers to complete online insurance transactions and making changes to their policies without the need to make contact with you.

These are some of the examples of digital services that allow your customers to enjoy the digital experiences. The powerful convergence of marketing and technology in today’s marketplace means brands are no longer built through advertising, but through experiences.
Identify. Brand. Repetitive. Branding & Marketing.

Identify. Brand. Repetitive. Branding & Marketing.

With technology on the upside continuously, getting your business found online is getting so much more expensive. At Tech ICS we no longer use SEO or Search Engine Optimisation, we’ve renamed to IBR (Identify. Brand. Repetitiveness). This allows us to have a more transparent conversation on how we expect to deliver results over a period of time.

At Tech ICS, we help you unlock continuous marketing transformation, by understanding your customer needs and we work with you to showcase your business brands. Our continuous marketing transformation helps businesses unlock efficiency to reinvest in performance and relevance at scale.

By using our digital platforms, we will be able to identify what your customer needs are, building your business growth and embracing your team into the culture of serving your customers.
servers, hosting or cloud services

Smarter maintenance decisions on servers, hosting or cloud services.

Our new decision model helps the company make more informed choices about refurbishing or redesigning parts – servers, hosting or cloud services. We have innovative products to support your business growth.

We harness the power of change to create new and extraordinary value by putting cloud at the core of your business. Our approach puts your business needs first, creating industry-specific solutions to get you moved to—and benefiting from—the cloud now.

Move to the cloud with us and you’ll find new and better ways to harness the power of cloud computing. From migration to cloud management, we work so your business can realise its full promise and achieve measurable, extraordinary value.
Learn. Adapt. Comprehend. Making change capable.

Learn. Adapt. Comprehend. Making change capable.

Learn. Adapt. Comprehend. Making change capable. Our team has been working tirelessly throughout the pandemic to ensure everyone is updated.

One thing we can take from technology is constant change, it waits for no one and requires you as an organisation to keep updated. We’re generating new drivers to keep us in the next. Global Mobility comes from digitising your business and you can reach any location around the globe simply through a mobile phone.

As a business, technology brings forth change. It is for you to embrace and move forward working with the next generation for your enterprise. At Tech ICS we make this 4D to provide pathways in getting there.

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