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Why you should start using "Google Keep" right away

Artificial intelligence is transforming Google's yellow sticky note app into an indispensable peripheral to your own mind. Google Keep is probably the best Google service that most people don't use. Services like Keep, Evernote and Microsoft OneNote are often called "note-taking apps." But it's an obsolete label. They've grown beyond their roots, now offering collaborative workflow, reminders, checklists, geofencing, optical character recognition, voice transcription, sketching and more. A few years ago, I would have recommended Evernote. But over the summer, Evernote took a wrong turn. The company changed its pricing structure in a way that practically forces users to pay or quit. Specifically, Evernote added limitations to the free version, called Evernote Basic. It's now accessible via a maximum of two devices per year -- a total deal-killer, as...
  • By: Tech ICS

  • 28 Nov, 2016

Designing a list component that exposes frequently chosen options

The interim solution provides the most compact solution, taking no more space than that necessary to show the selected value. The split menu you use to allow access to the most frequent items has been shown to work well (Sears and Shneiderman, 1993), and it’s been around for a while, so it may be familiar to users. The Alternative Your possible alternative reduces the clicks for the most common items from two to one, which may very well be worth consuming the added space. If you use text labels instead of images, you’ll probably be able to save even more space (or fit more high-frequency items). The largest potential problem is ambiguity about the relation between the combo box and the frequent-item controls. Usually, different controls implies separate fields. Do the users choose from one or the other, or from both? How do they know? Where do users look to see what they...
  • By: Tech ICS

  • 19 Sep, 2019

Building your e-commerce website

As the digital market continues to increase, we have seen an increase on the number of e-commerce projects that we have started to develop for our Clients. The current e-commerce will surpass $3 trillion in sales in the next few years, so we can understand the reasons why a number of businesses decide to take their business online. The growing business platforms such as Alibaba, Amazon, create this space, both consumers and businesses are able to sell & buy respectively. However there is know more shift to the market, whereby businesses are looking to be in the market on their own, rather than depend & share its profits with platforms. In Bangladesh, we see growing investments in information technology. We look at Ant Financial who has bought around 49% stake in bKash, and then we are looking at one of Bangladesh’s leading online grocery supplier, Chaldal, who are in...
  • By: Tech ICS

  • 07 May, 2019

Powerful PHP Framework for developing web applications

In recent days, there are several PHP platforms to create a web application. Amongst these, CodeIgniter is called the best PHP framework for its super compatibility and lightweight features. Compared to other frameworks it is considerably faster. This tool is introduced first in 2006. The benefits of using CodeIgniter is that unlike other PHP platforms it needs a very little configuration, helping the developers to develop applications rapidly even if codes are written from scratch. Being so lightweight and having much more application features it makes the application faster. However, the features of this toolkit are very easy to use. The benefits of using a PHP framework is that website built with CodeIgniter is secure too as it has the ability to prevent a various attack against many threats. CodeIgniter’s fundamental features Open Source The CodeIgniter PHP framework is an...
  • By: Tech ICS

  • 28 May, 2019

Why Laravel Framework is the most famous in 2019?

Choosing the best framework for the web development is very difficult now-a-days when there are so many options available. For the last few years, Laravel has become the most popular framework and grabbed a big part of the web development sector. It had been introduced in 2011 gained much popularity since then as an open source php framework. Why it is so popular to the web developers?  Because Laravel can control complex web applications securely and easily. Moreover, it simplifies the development process by easing common tasks including routing, sessions, caching and authentication.  Reason to use Laravel: Authentication: Laravel makes the authentication process very simple. Being configured everything perfectly, laravel provides a facile way to order the authentication and handle accessing to the different resources. Object Oriented Features: Having object oriented...
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  • 19 Jun, 2019
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  • 20 Nov, 2019
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  • 22 Jun, 2019
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  • 23 Jun, 2019

Why you should learn javascript

Javascript is the most popular and famous programming language these days. It allows a developer to build interactive websites. Along with HTML and CSS, JavaScript has become a vital and significant technology. Thus, you should learn JavaScript if you are interested to work in web development. To become an professional front-end developer you must learn javascript to make your website more attractive and professional looking. However, Javascripts are learned by backend developers as well as javascript are being implemented in websites with node JS technology. Easy to learn It easy to get started javascript with the only requirements being a text editor and a browser you can start learning JavaScript. Only from your browser you can do the coding javascript without setting up any development environment that is a reason many beginners like it. Huge Job opportunity Technology is moving...
  • By: Tech ICS

  • 25 Jun, 2019

Why software testing is vital for software development

It is crucial for an organization to invest in testing software while it is imperative and has many benefits of it. The key points behind this are as follows: Saving Money: The most important and preliminary reason of software testing is cost-effectiveness. Having proper testing of your software can save money in the long run. However, Software development has many steps and if errors are held in earlier stages costs are less to fix then. Imagine you have developed a software for bank whereas they have already thousands customers. But when users install it and cannot sign up due to a small bug, it might make them disappointed and they may be incentive to install another similar app. Perhaps, they will not move backward to install it again. Ultimately, the organization will have a big impact in their business. That is why it is much more important to ensure the software quality...
  • By: Tech ICS

  • 08 Jul, 2019

Introduction of Gutenberg a new content editor of WordPress

Gutenberg is a new content editor of WordPress, released with WordPress 5.0 on December 6, 2018. A very few themes are in WordPress developed with Gutenberg. However, there are many essential features meeting all the basic requirements including search engine optimization (SEO), lightweight code, great design, feature rich and fast load time. This article will help you understand why you should Gutenberg content editor instead of using classical editor. The difference between Gutenberg editor and classical editor is as follows: Interface: One of the most vital differences between these two editors is the interface. Gutenberg editor uses a drag and drop system meaning you can pick up a block and drop it anywhere on the page, within just a few seconds. There are some attracting features you can get with Gutenberg. For example, you can place images in the text sections. Moreover, you can...
  • By: Tech ICS

  • 14 Jul, 2019

Latest website design trend in 2019

In this vast and saturated online world, user experience design and creative website design are not strange instead expected. To compete with others your business need to have stylish and modern looking website as it grabs the attraction of visitors. Let’s have a look few trends that appear into the websites in 2019. Rotating animation: Ultimate website strategy aims to keep users coming back into the website. If your website has rotating animation in the home page that makes the visitors curious to stay in your website eventually it increases the visitors. Rotating images, text, slider in a smooth way leave users with a unique experience at the time of visits and upsurge the opportunity to revisit. Use Diagonal Lines: Over the years the trend has to use straight horizontal lines to separate sections. However, now-a-days it has been noticed using diagonal lines to...
  • By: Tech ICS

  • 25 Jul, 2019

An agreement of Pentagon related to cloud computing systems

The Pentagon has granted a $10bn (£8bn) cloud computing agreement to Microsoft on 26th of Friday, following a vigorously investigated bidding process in which Amazon had been viewed as the top pick. The 10-year contract for the Joint Enterprise Defence Infrastructure, known as JEDI, had set off a standoff among Amazon, Microsoft, IBM, Oracle and Google for the privilege to transform the military's cloud computing systems. The agreement has an outsize significance since it is fundamental to the Pentagon's efforts to modernize its technology. A significant part of the military works on 1980s and 1990s computer systems, and the Defense Department has burned through billions of dollars attempting to make them converse with each other. Consequently, the department of defence aspire to replace its ageing computer networks with a single cloud system. Along with the contract, the...
  • By: Tech ICS

  • 01 Jan, 1970

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