The next generation on mobile applications

We know consumer experiences are changing fast. Studies shows that mobile applications are the next generation of interactive tools. However this will not replace websites or cloud based applications because mobile applications are far too expensive to run continuous change.

Importantly, we will see the next phase of code generation, such as Webflow and other platforms, permitting you to build apps without the need to know coding. 

So what is a mobile application? Mobile application development is the creation of a software application which is intended to run on mobile devices and also take advantage of unique features and hardware. There are three categories Native Apps, Hybrid Apps and HTML5 Apps.

Through our research, we have found that businesses will invest over $600 billion dollars in 2023 and whilst this figure can be seen as staggering amount, a lot of the funds are allocated into research & development. 

We know that mobile phones have become an essential tool for an everday life, and as hardware have become cheaper, there is a great rise in android driven smartphones, as opposed to iphone driven platform. We know that Apple products will not disappear from the market.

We will continue to see a rise in the evolution of what a smartphone can do and as such, features includes Bluetooth, NFC, Sensors, GPS and cameras, are some functions that are already available to be used.

This then allows mobile applications to be developed with enhanced features, to permit the use of those hardware functions. 


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