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First of all, let's understand Search Engine Optimisation or SEO, as most of us know this by. 

Most of us understand SEO as an integral part of our business and how your customers will find you on the online market. It is an on-going process, which means, you need to invest your time on developing good content as well as making sure that your product or service is what is being required in the market. 

At Tech ICS, we want to make sure you understand the competition you will be facing in your market before we embark on a tailored SEO program. We will advise you and create a realistic plan which would include content writing, articles, adverts, using social media and other means to improve your website ranking. 

There are no quick fixes and you will need to spend time as well as investment to make sure your SEO program works. In other word's, don't think that spending a little of your time and money will make your website Number 1. It simply does not work. 

What is Digital Marketing?

Digital marketing is the marketing system or process to promote and enhance the business online for its' brand awareness and business development. It also provides confidence to your customer that you exist. Most of us, will usually use a search engine and look for products or services unless you are a major brand. 

Importance of digital marketing Strategy

Digital marketing strategies are most essential to growing your business first. All over, you need to make sure a well designed website is built and that your hosting server has the loud capacity to allow traffic to your website. We find that a lot of our clients are not aware of this and that their previous hosting packages are not adequate to serve their business. They do not realise downtime, which can impact your website ranking. 

Second, before you decide to embark on a full SEO campaign, your website must contain good content. Don't copy and paste content from other websites, as this will lower your ranking. Take your time to build your content. 

Most search engines use stats to see how long a visitor spends time on your website which is usually referred to as the bounce rate. If your customer is not spending a good amount of time on your website, usually more than 5 minutes, then it is not delivering the information it requires, therefore search engines will rank your website lower. 

Now, moving to know which type of online campaign works, you need to plan and invest money in marketing your website. Simply relying on hardcore SEO may not work, so you will need to do a lot of paid adverts etc. At Tech ICS, we will advise you on the plans that will work and we will be honest on the way we approach this. Getting things right from the beginning will help you and your online website. 

According to Wikipedia worldwide internet user is 48% out of 7.4 billion of the world population. 41.3 percentage users use the internet from the developing country and 83 percentages from the developed country.

Earlier in October 2018, 4.2 billion people were active internet users, meantime 3.4 billion population was social media users and the maximum of them were from the USA and South Asian countries. China, India, USA, Brazil, and Japan have taken the leading position as internet user countries.

The above stats demonstrate how much reach you can get your product or service to a potential customer but you will always have to appreciate that there is someone just like you, who is doing the same thing and then you need to multiply this depending on your reach. 

Digital marketing platforms

We speak to a lot of our Clients about using traditional advertising such as newspapers, television, radio and cold calling. Whilst those do work and help a business, given the time spent by a customer online, you need to make sure you and your business is accessible to your customers worldwide. 

You also need to remember that not all digital marketing platforms will work, so having Tech ICS working with you, will allow you to plan and do things that will work. We don't provide you with promises, and no one can, however, we will devise a good plan and help you as well as your business. 

How to start digital marketing

Lots of digital marketing agencies provide services all over the world. You can choose them or start doing this on your own. Before the start you need to analyze:

  1. You need to understand what your customers want. Has your website been built with the aim to serve your customers? 

  2. Create a business proposal. This will allow you to know where and who to market your product or services. 
  3. Check your website contents, functions and hosting packages. 
  4. You will need to invest both time and money in your digital marketing. The more you spend, the better chances of building your business. 
  5. Stop using providers who give you a 100% guarantee. How can they possibly do this, when major search engine's don't do that. 

If you wish to discuss your requirements or simply need help on developing a good website, then speak to us by emailing our team on or complete our online quote.


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