Career Development Seminar at Sylhet International University

SIU organizes an ICS Fest – 2019 which is covered a Career Development Seminar, Programming Contest, Hackathon, Project Showcasing, Gaming Contest etc.

The team of Tech ICS had also attended that program to discuss the topics of “career development in IT sectors”. Student’s were encouraged by our speech to make the decisions in their own career.

There have to be more questions about career development. We have also discussed more topics. Like - How To Start Your Career, How Do We Decide, The Career Decision–Making Process etc.

Why select a career?

  1. Having a career is very important in life due to following reasons: It gives a sense of direction to our life. It provides structure to life because to achieve career goals we have to stick to a structured path. 

  2. We are born only once.

  3. We spend almost 40 years on our work.
  4. A total of over 80,000 hours, we work.
  5. Now ask yourself how you will spend these 80,000 hours before you die?

How do we decide?

Abilities/Aptitude  Interest + Personality/Motivation = Career Choice

What Is The Career Decision-Making Process?

Step 1: Reflection and Self-Evaluation.

Step 2: Exploration.

Step 3: Decision-Making and Goal Setting.

Step 4: Gaining Experience.

Step 5: Implementation / Evaluation The Decision.

Is web development a good career?

Web developing as a career is damn good when you are good at it. You will need to enjoy developing and learning. The world needs web applications, websites etc and web developing careers can still be very successful. Now PHP frameworks and web databases related opportunities are one of the high-income skills in the software sector.

If you wish to be part of Tech ICS and have the experience as well as the knowledge visit now our available techics job or email us your CV with a covering letter to Due to the number of applications we receive, we kindly ask that only developers with 3 or more years of experience to apply. 


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