Building your ideas through technological design & development

Building your ideas through technological design & development is key when enterprises are shaping their business. As we draw close to become a global but local enviornment, businesses understands that customer reach can be anywhere possible. 

In this artricle, we look at some of the components and services we can help your enterprise with. 

Custom Software Development [CSD]

It is the process of creating, designing and maintaining software for specific genre of users. It aims at narrowly defined set of requirements. One of the major benefit is it enable all the businesses to integrate with other programs seamlessly, it also helps outdated systems to easily update their business processes.

User Experience Design [UX]

It is a design process whose sole objective is to arrange a system that offers great experience to users. It is the best platform to design your product.

User Experience Design [UX] is mixed up with User Interface Design [UI]. Although two work together but they are totally different. Talking about User Experience Design it is about supporting the need of user’s, but to make sure that they are not getting distracted from the overall experience of the product.

There is a very thin line between supporting the process and overcomplicating it. Research, trying, testing, iterating and testing again! Yes, that’s what UX design looks. The story you’re presenting is always developing along with your products.

UI Design is bit different because it mainly focuses on human computer interaction. It works closely with user experience design. Together UX & UI designers conduct user research, measure usability and are constantly testing designs for any stand out success.

UI mainly has some sort of understanding regarding front-end development and graphic designers. They focus on visual effects. UX designers has a unique input when comes to customer retention by providing best services in app & product design.

Content Management & Copywriting

A list of processes when dealing with content management:

  • Branding.
  • Digital strategy.
  • Search engine optimization [SEO].
  • Pay per click management [PPC].
  • Video production.
  • E-newsletter and marketing services.
  • IT services & web hosting.
  • Digital marketing.
  • E-commerce website design.
  • Custom website development.
  • Mobile app development.

Cloud Services with Tech ICS

The term itself defines a wide range of services delivered on demand to companies and customer’s over the internet. The specialty of these services are they get designed to provide easy, affordable access to applications and resources without the need of any hardware or infrastructure.

From checking the mails to collaborating over documents most of the employees come across cloud services knowingly or unknowingly. Cloud services are fully managed by cloud computing vendors and service providers. They’re available from provider’s server so there is no need for a company to host the application on it’s own.

Some of the advantages are as follows:

It has an ability to scale because the cloud service provider supplies all necessary infrastructure and software where the company has no need to invest in its own resources or take help of IT staff to manage the service.

Business get a tremendous help to increase the licenses to accommodate a growing workforce or expand or enhance the applications.

Lowered costs many cloud service provides monthly or annual subscription basis, eliminating the need to pay for software licenses. This also allows to access software, storage and other services without investing a single penny in infrastructure or maintenance. 

Increase flexibility as per demand of the company and customer cloud services are provided to them. If and when there is no need of application or platform they can cancel or shut down the service.

If your enterprise needs our guidance on developing their own software platform to cloud services, please contact us on 0207 237 3388 or you can email us at


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