Best Website Hosting Providers

Web hosting is required for you to host your website and depending on your website traffic, you will need to consider capacity planning. You can learn more about web hosting by clicking here

This simply means if your website gets a lot of traffic, to avoid the website hanging when someone enters the site, you need to have a good hosting platform. 

Frequently asked questions about website hosting 

  1. What is website hosting? Web hosting is where your website files are stored including your database which contains the data and then hosts your website. These services work by maintaining a site and making it accessible on the Internet. It offers secure storage spaces and maintains files also.
  2. Why do we need web hosting? To make your website accessible online, you need to rent a space to store your website data. Web hosting providers allow you to store your website files so that your website can be accessed online by anyone.  
  3. How do I get web hosting? You have to buy a website domain for your website. After selecting a domain name, select a web hosting service provider.
  4. What are the types of web hosting? The main types of web hosting are Hosting with cPanel, Plesk, Scalable WordPress hosting, and dedicated hosting.

Learning more about how shared website hosting works and its advantages

The running operation of a cloud-based server is quite expensive, especially for start-ups and small businesses. At Retail Tech ICS, we do thing's differently. 

To minimise costs, a provider on cheap tariffs offers shared hosting, which means 1 server may host multiple websites. The server is segmented into pieces, so whilst data are not shared, the resources are shared. Shared web hosting is so affordable because resources are shared and costs are split between many users on the server.

What are a domain name and its benefits?

In short, this is the address of your business, it will always be unique in letters/numbers and will associate with an IP address. The domain registrars maintain those. In simple words, it is the actual name of your website.

Retail Tech ICS

Choose the No.1 Website hosting platform trusted by 22,500+ businesses.

A fast, Reliable, and Secured web hosting service with  24/7 technical & hosting support. Whether you have just started or are at an advanced stage, Choose a reliable web hosting plan according to your needs to get your business online. 

Our web hosting packages include everything you need to be successful online.

  1. Unlimited bandwidth.

  2. Storage up to 30 Gb.

  3. Built-in security.

  4. High-performance VPS.

  5. Cloud services.

  6. 24/7 Technical support.

How to choose the right web hosting plan for your website

At Retail Tech ICS, we understand the importance of good hosting services, because your customers would expect to navigate around your website and build that relationship with you. Our servers allow you to upgrade your services, as and when you need them. Migration to a better server is quite simple with us.

if you are a blogger or a start-up business, then shared web-hosting would be fine. We have affordable pricing plans for our shared web hosting services which start at £1.99 a month. 

Where you need to have dedicated space, and if you are running an e-commerce website, you can start by taking a VPS server or a dedicated web server. This type of web hosting is good for those expecting to complete online transactions i.e. online shops where you need to have a payment platform. 

Retail Tech ICS provides 100% reliable services and with our redundant servers, this means your website is running even if one of your servers is down. Our customer services team and support team are available 365 days a year, 24/7. You are at safe hands with Retail Tech ICS. 


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