Create a strategic marketing plan

As businesses embraces the technological innovations, more and more enterprises are looking at how technological products can enhance their team, helping to deliver better profitability and consumer experiences. 

  • Everyday life of how we do things are changing. For example, what we buy and do, is changing. 

Navigating the complexity of customer and business demands is no small feat. To stay relevant to your customers, adapting to the pulse of change is needed. 

  • Growth is careful planned changes. 

Creating your marketing plans

Accelerating growth in Gen AI, is creating new helping hand for marketing teams. Making AI more responsible is critical. 

  • Understand what works well for your team and your customers. Creating meaningful marketing strategy can help your enterprise become better of what you do. 

  • Impactful ideas from your team will ensure that consumer demands are being met. For example, sales team who interact with customers should be feeding data into the sandbox for marketing team. 

The importance of having a good sales team, communicating with the marketing plan, improves how you shape the marketing plan. Having a reportable CRM, such as the Hybrid Legal CRM can help deliver this. More information can be found at

Making content better, helping to shape your marketing plan

 Content delivery is critical. Google recognises that over 76% of information are being copied or have same data available. We know the focus is on SEO, however there are those out there not trying to help consumers but more of being there. 

  1. Serve consumer purpose. Need to provide more relevant information, which helps to deliver a more strategic marketing planning. 

  2. Use tools that works well. This is in reference to SEO tools. 

We need to move away from being on the top of Google, that does not always work. Serve your consumers with meaningful contents, delivers a better experience and helps to retain your customers. 

  • Marketing campaign management. Use the pathway to build your marketing plan. 

  • Connecting sales and marketing. Create automated and buyer journey to accelerate demand and revenue growth. 

Operating model

When enhancing your marketing strategy, your operating model would need a change. Here are some of the most important aspects to consider when creating a meaningful operating model:

  • Reduce complexities and cost. 

  • Learn and help on the digital change. 

  • Build on sustainability.

Technology tools to help on lead nurturing, to managing those and exploring on growth through good, but thoughtful marketing strategy. 

Email marketing

Does this really works? Yes it does, as more and more people connect themselves to the digital world, email marketing is enhancing the experience from leads to buying cycle. 

  • Our no-code email marketing platform – helps deliver creative emails to your consumers. 

Frequently asked questions on marketing strategy?

  • How to find an expert SEO? You need to check work references and performance of similar work that has been done. Ask the right questions including technical understanding. Unfortunately, there are some out there not providing the right pathway, impacting your business and brand. 

  • Does Google change their algorithms without notice? No, Google will always have information relevant to their algorithms. Importantly, Google and other search engines are here to serve their customers. They are not here to catch you out. 

  • How do I get our business in the right places on the search engines? It’s about serving your customers, so things that you and your business learn of what works for your customers, will help you deliver better contents and marketing strategies. 

Ideas that impacts today’s business in marketing

Tech ICS inbound team helps our client’s with thoughtful and strategic marketing plans. We understand that businesses thrives in performance, we build a strategic plan, helping to deliver for tomorrow and change when we need to. 


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