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It's understandable that some business owners tend not to understand the concept of free websites or website builders, however they are not a solution for the long term. Our Retail Tech ICS store has available website builders, which are far cheaper than other providers and comes with free web hosting, with no extra charges. 

Having said the above, website builders are great products to use for landing pages and also to showcase 1 product launch. 

Now turning back to understanding website builders, it's more important to consider building your own website and having built-in programming languages, which would allow you to develop this further. With a bespoke website build, you are able to develop your website as to how you want to and become a product that becomes your technology asset. 

As web hosting and cloud servers are now becoming more affordable, this makes it easier for businesses to use what they need. Yes, you need to do capacity planning. This means having a web server to serve your web traffic. You don’t want customers to come into your website and the site is simply hanging because the web server cannot cope with the number of people using it.

Think of web hosting as your laptop. If you open too many applications, you will notice the speed of the laptop taking increased loads and will hang. Same with web hosting, this is what happens. 

Difference between a domain name and a website

We speak to a number of enterprises including businesses that have not really turned to technology prior to covid. A domain name is a unique name or IP address associated with the URL

It would always be unique like our DNA. So once you have purchased the domain name, it is yours to keep and you can find & buy domain names from our Retail Tech ICS store. 

Now coming back to the difference between a domain name, you would not usually change your domain name often enough because this is your unique name identified by your customers. However, you will change your website often enough and does not impact your domain name at all. 

A website is a collection of html files & created through recognisable web languages. In most cases, you can use non-coding platforms to build websites and the codes are automatically written for you. 

The costs of building your website

Most developers or IT agencies would advise on costs related to your website and would usually break down milestones. At Tech ICS, we would advise on various platforms to build your enterprise website and costs vary. A typical website costs could start from £550 onwards. 

Maintaining your website

On a monthly basis, you would need to pay for web hosting, which is where your website would be sitting at, unless you chose to use a website builder and the hosting comes free in most cases. 

Depending on the build of your website, whether that is a website builder, or WordPress or a bespoke build, updating security and other elements of the website can be done within a fixed annual term.

There is no requirement of panicking about high maintenance costs as this is not required, unless you have an eCommerce website or a marketplace. 

Website for a small business

At Tech ICS, we love working with start-ups and small businesses and helping their business grow to become market leaders in their industry. We help to shape our client’s businesses through careful and honest advice. 

Our client’s trust our advice when creating their first website or an upgrade to their current website they have. We believe in creating a value proposition for our customers through innovative and careful advice. 

As most business owners, we intend to get things moving quickly however, through our experience, we believe in good planning and then execution. 

When a business decides to approach us at Tech ICS, we work with the business to understand its needs and help to make the right decisions. We will help to shape your business better. 

Our guide to choosing the right website developer or web agency to help you?

Whether you are a start-up or an established business, finding the right partner for your business is an important element to your business success. 

Choosing the right partner is a key moment and we should always take a moment to understand the experience the business has with your industry, before embarking on a process. 

When considering proposals, look at the market value of your product. Most agencies would set out what has been referred to as development costs and then the added value. The added value costs are usually to project manage your website or the development of your platform. In most cases, smaller businesses tend to like the idea of working with a freelancer or a web developer, however its important to understand that almost 95% do not complete their projects on time. 

That is not to say most freelancers or individual web developers do not complete their projects, however there are considerable delays. Its mostly because they may be managing more than 1 project and have to do pretty much what you do as a business owner, sales and marketing with customer service and dealing with existing client projects. 

Using an agency is far more safer because they will be able to have resources to manage a project and whilst the costs are higher, you will have the benefit of a project being done in time, not always but they will have the resources to get it done. 

For us, at Tech ICS, we value what our customers say and help them to become their trusted partners when it comes to their IT needs. We provide a realistic project work which includes both our development costs and added value service. Our proposals are carefully planned and executed, with costs being calculated during the milestones. 


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