Case Study

Digital Marketing, SEO & Branding

Our mission is to provide first class healthcare services for expectant parents in a safe, comfortable, friendly And welcoming environment by highly experienced professionals. “Our customers are at the heart of everything we do”

The Client

Build on the online growth, digital marketing and branding.

The requirements of the project is to build a strong online presence for the Client. Advise was required for their social media management.

They are an independent private company offering 2D/3D/4D scans using high end ultrasound machines to enable you to see your baby from 6 weeks of pregnancy onwards. They offer first trimester assessment and reassurance scans, second trimester and third trimester growth, presentation and reassurance scans, gender, well-being and the ultimate 4D Baby bonding scan experience. All our scans are competitively priced.

We also looked into their website, their market place and considered their local competitors, advising on how best we can approach their brand. 

Digital Marketing, SEO & Branding - Ultra World Scanning Services
Digital Marketing, SEO & Branding - Ultra World Scanning Services

Situation - What Tech ICS did

Create a detailed mapping and strategic planning on the digital marketing.

With technology on the upside continuously, getting your business found online is getting so much more expensive. It was important for us to conduct marketing research, so we can really put value into their marketing plans. 

There is negligence in this because, we all want results within days or months. If this was that simple, how can we fit everyone on page 1 of a search engine such as Google, Bing, Yahoo, to name some of the most common engines. 

Whilst we want to limit our budgets on organic growth, the dividends do pay off in time. So there would be other paid avenues we will advise you and help you manage this, in order to ensure the business can generate the income. 

Ultra World Scanning Services were given the information needed and we are continuing to build their organic growth. 

Challenge - People and Culture

A significant indexing and growth in few months.

The challenge to this project was that the domain was newly registered and it was a new website created by Tech ICS. 

There was no indexing, no data and in few months, we have changed the lens of their online presence. 

Digital Marketing, SEO & Branding - Ultra World Scanning Services
Digital Marketing, SEO & Branding - Ultra World Scanning Services

Result - Value Delivered

We are working with the Client on their digital marketing and brand growth on a long term project, building their growth online. Ultra World Scanning Services are growing in their market and we are providing real time reports to them. 

At Tech ICS, we have the experience, knowledge, and passion and always act with integrity. We love working with our Clients, supporting in their business development and helping them achieve their targets. 

We know that all businesses are different in their approach and using our experience, we can really help you. The more investments you place in your digital marketing in both time and funding, the more rewards you will receive. 

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