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Immigration And Nationality Services (IANS) offers a complete platform with the tools and expertise you need to meet your goals - whether you are an employer looking to fill the gaps in your workforce or you are a migrant seeking to start a career in the UK. They are powerful alone but deliver faster results when used together.

The Client

Create a Marketplace for both employers and jobseekers

The requirements of the project is to build a bespoke application to manage the relationship between employers, jobseekers and third party service providers. 

For the applicants, the ability to move on a work flow of events to meet the requirements of being employed in the UK including finding Tier 2 sponsorship. 

The employers ability to post jobs and match applicants to their vacancies.

For the service providers, the ability to show specified services available to the employers and applicants. For example, an applicant may require a service of the immigration lawyer to help on their visa application. As for the employer, they may need help on acquiring a sponsor licence, which will permit them legally to sponsor an applicant to work for them in the UK. 

Marketplace for Products & Services - IANS Group
Marketplace for Products & Services - IANS Group

Situation - What Tech ICS did

Create a detailed mapping and specification 

Tech ICS have taken the Client's information of what they had vision in their web application, to serve their 3 end users, whom are classed as applicants, employers and third party service providers. 

A document of 110 pages was created by Tech ICS with specification design and how the behaviour of the application will work. The UX is fundamental to the Client's needs. 

Working with our Client, we have understood their requirements and have created an application that works for them and their end users. 

Challenge - People and Culture

A significant upgrade in back-office productivity

By standardising, centralising, and optimising the marketplace processes, and creating a culture of continuous improvement, Tech ICS created a platform to support on their business growth and serve their end users. 

Marketplace for Products & Services - IANS Group
Marketplace for Products & Services - IANS Group

Result - Value Delivered

The company has come a long way from the days of the fragmented system of model that offered limited visibility into operations and leaving them with minimal opportunities to improve performance.

By partnering with Tech ICS to deploy a streamlined and centralised model, IANS Group have been able to use a system that works for both them and their end users, from applicants to employers and third party service providers. 

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