Basic, Professional & Advance Combo Course

We recommend everyone to take the 3 courses combined, as you would be learning all together and are able to save money at the same time. This is an intense course and you will need to make sure you can follow the guidance’s provided by your tutors. 

Emphasis is on techniques that make sites accessible to users and search engines alike. Our tutors will provide you with real-life commercial projects and experience that sometimes you would not be able to receive in a University or a private school. 

A variety of common layout issues and code patterns is covered. This course involves hand coding, and is not a taught Dreamweaver/WYSIWYG course, so good keyboard skills are essential.

Further to this, you will understand the basics of programming in PHP, be able to write and debug procedural PHP scripts, understand fundamental relational database concepts, design a relational database suitable for a blog, code a simple content management system and understand the importance of web application security.

Course details

  1. Number of classes: 52.

  2. Class duration: 1 hour.

  3. Course price: $300 (USD). 

Course modules

  1. HTML/HTML5 Basic, Professional & Advance Level.

  2. CSS – Basic, Professional & Advance Level.

  3. Bootstrap – Basic, Professional & Advance Level.

  4. PHP - Basic, Professional & Advance Level.

  5. PHP Framework -  Professional & Advance Level.

  6. JavaScript – Basic, Professional & Advance Level

  7. Ajax – Basic, Professional & Advance Level.

  8. JQuery – Basic, Professional & Advance Level.

Total number of classes is 52 and completion of the 52 hours course. We expect you to do 45 hours a week of your own study, to ensure you learn the technologies. With any courses, you will be expected to do a number of hours outside of your classes. 

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