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This application have been developed for a news portal website. The purpose of the application which is now available on Google Play, provides a history to the freedom fighters in Bangladesh. 

A small, but a unique project for the people of Bangladesh. A bit of history we wish to share:

"The Bangladesh Liberation War (Muktijuddho), also known as the Bangladesh War of Independence, or simply the Liberation War in Bangladesh, was a revolution and armed conflict sparked by the rise of the Bengali nationalist and self-determination movement in what was then East Pakistan during the 1971 Bangladesh genocide. It resulted in the independence of the People's Republic of Bangladesh.

The war began after the Pakistani military junta based in West Pakistan launched Operation Searchlight against the people of East Pakistan on the night of 25 March 1971. It pursued the systematic elimination of nationalist Bengali civilians, students, intelligentsia, religious minorities and armed personnel. The junta annulled the results of the 1970 elections and arrested Prime minister-designate Sheikh Mujibur Rahman. The war ended on 16 December 1971 after West Pakistan surrendered."

[Courtesy of Wikipedia:]

  • Project Name: Map TV Apps
  • Client: Map TV Apps
  • Created by: Tech ICS
  • Project Completed: 27 September, 2019
  • Location: Subahanighat, Sylhet

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