Tea Business Inventory Software | Surma Tea

Project description

Bangladesh is an important tea-producing country. It is the 10th largest tea producer in the world. Its tea industry dates back to British rule, when the East India Company initiated the tea trade in the hills of the Sylhet region. Today, the country has 166 commercial tea estates, including many of the world's largest working plantations. The industry accounts for 3% of global tea production, and employs more than 4 million people.

Surma Tea wanted us to create a bespoke tea-accounting application, which is cloud based and able to handle vast amount data related to their products, stock and suppliers. At Tech ICS, we focus on delivering intelligent solutions and supporting business growth, using our depth of technical expertise, our understanding of how technology is evolving, and most importantly how our work can affect your business. At Tech ICS we look at the businesses long term view, what they aim to achieve and use that to build trust by delivering robust technology solutions that helps in your business growth. 

It was important for Surma Tea to have a secured web services and allow multiple user access with secured platforms. We also placed the bespoke application in our cloud based software. 

Some of their key functions within the application is as follows:

  1. Secured and tracked logging system. Multiple users and various security platforms allow the system to be monitored and administrated. Users are placed in various responsibilities, and having user access to ensure un-necessary sharing of data that is not required. 

  2. Inventory management. This allows Surma Tea to make sure they have the right amount of product, available at the right place, at the right time, without having too much, is an incredibly complex balancing act, especially in a rapidly growing industry like the tea industry. A list of products and its availability connected to the sales management tool. 

  3. Lot Numbers & Traceability. Easily handle and track products by lot number with power and flexibility.  Lot numbers can be recognized when received or shipped. Also able to record and manage expiration dates by lot number. 

  4. Production Management. This allows you to track expenses and costs towards the tea production. Plan your production needs for the day, week or month. Track the work in process and review your production history all in one solution. Expense tracking. This allowed Surma Tea understands where costs can be minimised. 

  5. Delivery Management. A function that helps plan your deliveries by route and driver/truck. Let your drivers be more efficient by providing them with the tools they need to do their job. Either from pre-order sales or sales of the truck tracks your inventory and collects money.

  6. Supplier management tool. 

  7. Customer management tool, containing data for customers as well as sales and invoicing. 

  8. Human resources and employee management. 

  9. Business real time sales and profit report. 

Technology we have used to build this product

  1. PHP framework (CodeIgniter 3).

  2. JavaScript. 

  3. Ajax. 

  4. JQuery. 

  5. Bootstrap 4.3. 

  6. HTML5 and CSS3.

  • Project Name: Tea Business Inventory Software | Surma Tea
  • Client: Surma Tea
  • Created by: Tech ICS
  • Project Started: 22 December, 2019
  • Project Status: On Going
  • Location: Mohajonpotte, Bondor, Sylhet

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