Law Firm Legal Case Management System Features


GDPR, OISC & SRA Compliant. 
Award-winning dedicated support team.
Enhanced SSL security features for the web application. Your data is 100% stored in our cloud servers with high level encryption
Customization. In most of the templates and drop downs can be customized by you, by clicking on the customization function on your dashboard. For example, generic emails, you can create templates. Client care letter, you can change the entire contents of the letter including the header. We can do other customization of your system for a one off fee
Interactive Dashboard with reporting tools. Shows the important elements of your law firms legal matters from cases to booked consultations & other relevant details. Find out how your firm is performing in an easy-to-understand visual dashboard
There are 2 types of users that you can set up. One being admin and the other super-users.
Client login and register. Client will be able to see restricted part of their case files, reducing on calls and will be always on the knowhow of their legal matter with you. So you can manage their username, password and other details  
Once logged in, the Users will be able to see the full stack
Cases can be assigned to other colleagues in the team.
Basic and advanced Search Functionality. The CMS permits you to search for a client or a case based on any fields.
Customer Database. This records the type of enquiry, and allows you to enter their personal information, case details and what support they require. Once registered, they will be sent an automatic email, which helps on your marketing and also compliant with GPDR.
Call Back. You will be able to schedule calls with clients. This can be used for sales or other matters  
Generic email sending through the system. You will be able to create emails to be used to be sent to Clients. It keeps tracks of all mails sent through the system.  
Consultation Booking System. This is the start of the journey with your customer and you can use the system to book clients into consultations
Consultation notes and advice. Send to Client to view the report on their client portal (premium).  
Client Care Letter Create, Send, Review, Edit. Virtual Signature. This is the engagement process once the Client agrees to start working with you. You can customize your client care letter to meet your needs.
Create Invoices. Allowing you to send requests of payments  
Payment schedule. Able to see all the payments made by the Client.
Payment Receipt Generator
Outstanding Payments Tab
Documents List Generator. Once the Client engages your services, you will be able to send a pre-fixed list of documents, or make amendments to the existing list of documents.
Conference Booking System. This allows you to manage your client management flow once a client has engaged in your services and keeps a record of all the meetings held, whether on the telephone or in person.
Conference Notes. You would be able to record and add notes. Send to Client to view the report on their client portal (premium). ;
Case status and flow chart. This allows you to manage the flow of your case work and shows the case status. Your Clients will have the ability to see the progression of the case.  
Activity Log. Records all case notes, files notes and information related to the case. This allows team collaboration. You can add your email correspondences, it would record the time/date stamp automatically and have a trail log of correspondences.
Timesheet. Record your hours worked on a case file for billing purposes. Provide accurate details internally and for compliance process of work done for the Client. Our simple time recording tools help your in house legal team allocate time to particular matters..  
Send Templates. You can generate and keep a record of what is sent to the Client. This is through the generic email tab  
Documents Share under Attachment Tab. Able to manage clients documents. This is additional costs and based on space requirements. Function is available. Searching, sharing and collaborating on matters is made easy with a complete view of the issue, and associated documents
Case Notes. Once the Client has sent the evidences or information, the management of the case is done through this function  
Case Submission. This keeps a track of all the cases, location of submissions, documents requests from third party and submission of all evidences  
Documents Received Submission. This allows you to track all the documents received, whether from the client, legal authorities or third parties.  
Documents retrieved. When a Client picks up the document, you will be able to add , edit and print off for compliance records.  
Documents Request Management. Where you receive request of further information and evidences, this can be easily managed & tracked ;
Appeals and Hearings. This allows you to manage cases that go before various Tribunals and Courts in the UK. You can customise the listing of the court centers and counsels.  
Case Resolution. Can send closing letter through the generic email function. Able to add notes to the closing of the file.  
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