Best Email Hosting Service for business 2021

Email hosting service

Email hosting service is an online hosting service that operates an email server. Email hosting is usually included with the web hosting package. Email hosting service is a separate service that allows you to set up a custom email address and send and receive emails. Basically, you need to buy an email domain match with your website to boost your online business. Tech ICS retail store is a reliable hosting provider because our hosting package comes with anti-spam protection, daily site backup, and other reliability features.  

Basically, the email hosting service is similar to the web hosting service. If you would like to hold an email account, first of all, sign up with an Internet Service Provider (ISP), register with google, and buy a web hosting account. Our email hosting plan is an easy way to get more reliable and efficient service. Tech ICS retail store has been providing email hosting services besides domain and web hosting services. Tech ICS retail store provides the best email hosting service for business 2021.  

Email hosting providers for small business

Email hosting service is the most effective marketing for small, medium, and big range businesses. Small business owners use email hosting for their business purposes. There are lots of email hosting service provider companies in the world. They offer email hosting service as well as their business policy. You should use business email addresses depending on your company's domain name instead of the usual Gmail account or Yahoo account. Many people use free email accounts without a custom domain name that does not look professional.

Business email is an essential way to communicate with clients, such as your order status, shipping updates, back-in-stock notifications, and more are handled efficiently via email. There are several types of email hosting solutions for different purposes of business. These three email hosting services are successfully working for your small business.

  • Shared web hosting with email service.
  • Self-hosted email server.
  • Third-party email hosting.

Shared web hosting with email service

Shared web hosting with email service is not applicable for every sphere. You cannot use shared web hosting for sending and receiving bulk emails because of the limitation of the email server.

Self-hosted email server

The self-hosted email server is a complex email server. The self-hosted email server is the robust and technical expertise management required to operate this server. Self-hosted email servers are reliable, and you can easily send, receive, and maintain emails.

Third-party email hosting

Most digital businesses prefer to use third-party email hosting. These are scalable, easy-to-use email servers that offer comprehensive support. Remember that you need to pay separately for email hosting services. Therefore, if you get web hosting shared with an email service, it will charge more than what you provide. Third-party email hosting plays an important role for a small and medium business that allows you to send a bunch of emails to your clients without getting blocked and landing in the spam folder.

If you are looking for the best email hosting services, then you should come to Tech ICS Retail store. Tech ICS Retail store is one of the best email service provider. Tech ICS Retail store has different email hosting business plans, or click here to get our email hosting business plan. Tech ICS Retail store offers domain and hosting at a very competitive price. Don't worry, our email hosting business plan will never be expensive, and it will be within your reach. Tech ICS Retail store offers domain and hosting at a very low, and reasonable price.

Workspace email

The workspace is the email security solution that gets on purchasing the hosting from Tech ICS Retail store. Workspace is easy to use and easy to manage cloud email solutions. Google workspace is the cloud-based productivity suite that is given by google. Workspace is the most comprehensive email and messaging security solution that combines powerful automated threat monitoring, advanced data analysis, and the highest real-time security level. 

Workspace helps a business stay safe with industry-leading spam and malware filters that guarantee the best level of security for emails and messages. In addition, Google workspace Email helps you with customized email addresses that match your domain and promotes business with every mail or message you send. The customized email address comes with easy to useable features like a calendar, contacts, tasks, and more. 

How to grow a business by professional email hosting?

If your business relies on email as a revenue driver, it is not advisable to use free email hosting for whatever you pay. Every business owner should remember that the free and standard email hosting packages do not always meet the needs of professional users. Professional email hosting services can better adapt to the needs of a growing business. To provide you the best possible email experience, our premium email services include additional features, such as

  • More storage space.
  • Robust antivirus and spam filters.
  • A personalized domain name.
  • No advertisements.
  • Email authentication schemes filtering, replication, and rerouting.
  • Folder and contacts management.
  • Large attachments.
  • Backups/archiving.
  • Use of aliases, forwarders, and auto-responders.
  • Mail rules.
  • IMAP/POP3 services.

Why will you use cloud email hosting?

The advantage of using cloud-based email is that it requires efficient operation and low cost. There is no need to hire dedicated IT staff to operate or maintain any physical server equipment for internal email servers. In addition, cloud hosting is the most scalable solution. As your number of users changes, you can take and lose assets, which keeps costs efficient. Cloud servers are always kept up-to-date with the latest security patches and modern technological advances.

Cloud server provide greater advantages including increased bandwidth requirements, potentially higher costs for greater security and storage, and firewall requirements, among many others. One final advantage to consider about this is that email is on the Internet, so everything is backed up securely if your system goes down. Our cloud email provides you with powerful email tools and gives you access to them via the Internet.

Why do you need us to the email hosting services for your business?

Email plays an essential role for any business. Your email host will handle most of the technical details, such as allowing you to send mail from your domain, filtering out spam and phishing scams, saving files, providing a complete suite of productivity tools such as calendar or contact management. An email address that matches your website makes your business look more professional. Email hosting keeps your email safe and secure and makes it accessible from anywhere you have an internet connection. 

We have a comprehensive email hosting package that will be very helpful for your business. We believe that your business email hosting needs a large storage capacity. Our email hosting plan offers up to 25 GB of storage. That gives you enough space to store all the emails you like. Having so much email storage means you have enough space for thousands of emails.

Our search system makes it easy to find what you're looking for an easy to use, and when you're able to find things in your archives, it makes your life and business easier and more productive. Tech ICS Retail store has thousands of clients they are using our service satisfactorily, and who are content about our services. For this reason, you can take our comprehensive email hosting package for your business needs.


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