The Best CRM Software Tools for Small Business 2021

Having the right tools to manage your business and working towards growth is a task for us all. At Tech ICS, we aim to provide CRM Software Tools for your business solutions to allow a more proactive approach. Our new Hybrid CRM, which is soon to be launched, will bring changes to the way we manage our data and our everyday applications.

Our CRM Software business application tool will allow you to bring your applications into one place, Hybrid CRM. 

Performance management is the best way to begin 2021

Consistently growing and keeping track of each and every contact within your business is a key driver. We hear a lot of conversation about globalisation, for all of us it simply means more connected. With today’s capacity you can connect with a potential client 5,000 miles away simply by using a mobile phone, digital marketing will continue to increase and re-shape how businesses market themselves. 

With that in mind, it is imperative for us to ensure client data is recorded, and all activity is maintained to ensure you and all your colleagues at the office can track every step of contact with a client. To be honest, this is the most important asset in today’s market for every type of business, and getting it right is difficult. 

Points to take on board, the advantage of managing data via a CRM Software Tools

  1. Structuring data is ever so important, you need to have a system to make sure all your information is maintained accurately and in order. 

  2. Obtaining the right information from a client covering your service or product is also key, it allows you to continuously engage with a client on the sale, future sales and keeping records. 

  3. Global access, many entrepreneurs and innovators seek to travel and having access from anywhere is becoming key. This enables you to monitor correspondences at the office from anywhere and everywhere. 

  4. Viewing data, as a business you can access key indicators to monitor where you are getting a return on your marketing strategy, seeing what works and what doesn’t work. 

  5. Investment for the future. Making sure you maintain a view of your business activity allows you to plan for investors to see real time data. 

We are pretty sure that once you start using a dedicated Customer Relationship Management (CRM) tool you will be much more organised and vigilant on how your business is operating. As always you cannot manage every conversation and the more experience you build it becomes clear you need tools to monitor all correspondences. 

Our motto is that you maximise all parts of your business, we’re 100% sure that over a period of 12 – 24 months you will see real changes by using tools that allow adaptability, confidence in your development and measure your business activities. 

We’re giving a short overview of how this can benefit CRM Software Tools for your business. You can see our solutions on the Tech ICS website or contact us at 


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