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Custom software development is now a growing part of all businesses, as all business types are different and require a bespoke build of a software application, to bring efficiency to their business. Whilst there are products you can buy and use, customization of the software is essential. Sometimes customizing the software application takes far too long and is not cost-effective. It then takes you as a business backwards and then time is lost. We know as a business owner, time cannot be lost, so bringing in custom software development to support your business growth becomes essential.

At Tech ICS, we have the experience and knowledge to build bespoke software applications. We discuss, plan, create prototypes of your application, design it and then we go through the development. Whilst the starting may be boring and slightly slow, we know that by experience, this will ensure your project is delivered how you want it. When developing bespoke and custom software development, we make sure that it meets your requirements and delivers what you need for your business. We drive costs down to make sure you don’t spend more than is required.

Sharing our expertise and passion to build solutions that empower your business is what we do in Tech ICS. If you are looking for a trustworthy and reliable IT business, Tech ICS is your right partner. We know our clients depend on our support, as technology is a key element to their business and we work tirelessly to make sure we deliver your project.

One of the main aspects of our custom software development is that, unlike other IT Agencies, we have a team of developers who comes with experience and the drive to meet the project deadline and costs. Our IT Project Managers will keep you through the development as well as you being part of our project management tool so that you can see the progress of your custom software development.

Our full-stack web developers are here to help and ready to create data-driven and responsive custom software applications. We develop your project by implementing the latest technologies to deliver a modern and unique solution whatever your requirements. We build the following:

1.     Enterprise Web Applications.

2.     Cloud Application, also referred to as SaaS product.

3.     Multiplatform Application Development. This is combining and integrating various applications together.

The custom software application is to make sure that it brings both business efficiency and drives customer sales. The development is not just for the business but to support your business service to your customers.

When the project is delivered, we do, what we refer to as a dry run, testing the entire software and making sure all bugs and issues are fixed. We limit your involvement, as we can understand your time is valued and when you start testing, you will see the difference in our ways of working. Our software development is tested on various platforms to make sure there is no deficiency in the application. Where there are issues, our full-stack developers will quickly fix the issues and limit the downtime on the custom software development.

If you want to discuss more your custom software development, you can email us at or you can call our team on 0207 237 3388, option 2. We are here to help. There are no obligations in taking our services. We want you to be comfortable with our approach, so we are not after sales but more about building a relationship with you.


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