UK's Number 1 Fast Selling 3.0 128 GB Memory Flash Drives

UK's Number 1 Fast Selling 3.0 128 GB Memory Flash Drives

Our USB memory stick is an ideal storage method to store data, images and files quickly, and move them around devices without the need to use any cloud-based devices. 

The 128GB 3.0 USB memory stick is the most desirable and sought out the device in the market. Those who believe flash drives are obsolete, think again. It is one of the quickest ways to store and share data. Data encryption is vital, so our USB will help you to protect your data. 

The ability to use the 128GB 3.0 USB memory stick on the go, is made easier, with our keyring attachment, which means, it is less likely you will lose it and make it a dependable storage device. 

The USB flash drives are used to move around data, for example, if you wanted to complete a presentation, there is no need to login into the cloud or local server to access the file, simply plug this into the device and show your presentation. 

UK’s Number 1 flash drive, the Tech ICS Best 128 GB USB 3.0 Flash Drive, up to 100MB/s read - Blue & Black – allows you to transfer data in less than 30 seconds. Great quality and affordable USB memory stick. 

The storage capacity of 128GB allows you to store a high volume of files, images, or videos. Unlike other devices of smaller stores, it means the device is at ideal capacity, allowing you to store data that would help. If there is sensitive information you’d like to save, download the data encryption and security to ensure that your files are safe.

Tech ICS USB sticks are UK’s fastest-selling memory sticks and are one of the most reliable storage devices, able to do transferring and back up your important files – whenever this is required. 


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