What Is CRM (Customer Relationship Management) & How Blockchain Works?

A legal customer relationship management (CRM) is a platform or rather a great tool that monitors and maintains the workflow of these respected organizations. It proactively works with the customers by meeting their demands to their maximum satisfaction and maintaining a long-lasting business relationship between the organization and the client.

Is there a need for CRM in all organizations especially in legal services? of course yes. There are lots of massive advantages of using a great CRM, especially one built for law firms as this propels the law firm to maintain a good relationship with their respective customers. Here in this section, we will be discussing what legal case management CRM stands to offer.


  1. Easy access to information and adequate data management. This establishes a well-developed communication across the organization in which both the client and the organization have access to the easy flow of information by keeping central track which monitors clients activities.

  2. It offers a friendly client interface and experience. It is reliable, adequate and with updated information on our CRM (Customer Relationship Management) Software are proven to be accurate. This system is easy to use and doesn't require any technical know-how. 

  3. It offers proper monitoring of the client's relationship. A trusted cloud-based CRM is in place to monitor, manage, and maintain a constant conversation, relationships and sensitive information in order to reduce the risk of data and security breaches. Likewise, multiple data analysis has been made available in order to help the client to monitor and give accounts on their case file, improve clients communication and overall experience.

Our legal case management CRM will provide full insight into the overall client relationship itself in the firm. What other matters, issues, and transactions the client has with our firm, what the latest communications have been and even comments on the transactions so far and more. This brings about the following:

  • Greater transparency and information sharing.

  • Simplified access to in-depth data and reports.

  • Automations that streamline standard workflows.

  • Improved security of sensitive documents and information.

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) provides a platform for a standard task control and automated workflow

This is another important aspect of our CRM with its ability to manage tasks and maintain automation capabilities. Workflows are usually monitored most especially when a client meets a particular agreement with our legal system or takes a particular action based on our terms and conditions (e.g. submits a form online or has an initial conversation with a paralegal).

With this functionality, you’ll be able to automate parts of your account management processes and tailor workflows to how you prefer to do business.

Allows document creation and management

There are rooms for the creation of documents and management with our CRM with this built-in document generation and management we can help to automate even more of your processes not only that it also creates the following: 

  • Proper arrangements of documents for easy accessibility and for easy searching.

  • Simplified document uploading that lets you upload everything first & sort second.

  • Merging existing data, information & documents together.

  • Building customizable document templates for NDAs, contracts, etc.

Availability or integration of some important core tools

CRM (Customer Relationship Management) tools help to save time and effort because here our CRM is the single source of truth in our law firm, and also make sure with the use of the available software it can easily integrate with your case management software and document management.

In summary, our legal case management system was established to ensure that we meet all the needs of our customers, maintain good customer relationships and deliver an outstanding service at a reasonable price rate.
To get more information about our CRM (Customer Relationship Management) Software, please feel to contact us on 0207 237 3388 or email us at info@techics.com


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