Why you should learn javascript to become a front-end developer

Javascript is the most popular and famous programming language these days. It allows a developer to build interactive websites. Along with HTML and CSS, JavaScript has become a vital and significant technology. Thus, you should learn JavaScript if you are interested to work in web development. To become a professional front-end developer you must learn javascript to make your website more attractive and professional looking. However, Javascripts are learned by backend developers as well as javascript is being implemented in websites with node JS technology.

Easy to learn

It is easy to get started javascript with the only requirements being a text editor and a browser you can start learning JavaScript. Only from your browser, you can do the coding javascript without setting up any development environment which is a reason many beginners like it.

Huge Job opportunity

Technology is moving forward over the ten years and still, there is a lack of good numbers of Javascript developers in the market. It’s a great chance of having a good job out of learning Javascript. React Js is a javascript library developed by Facebook and node js how people use javascript on servers.

Game development

You can be a professional game developer if you know coding with javascript and love the learning process. Nowadays game developers have been involved well to develop many game applications with javascript.

Online Learning Opportunities and earning

A growing number of online tutorials that teach JavaScript have emerged in recent years. In this way, you are having a great chance to learn it well. Moreover, many big companies do search for professional javascript programmers to fix the bugs of their websites. If you can be an expert and professional programmer, fixing simple issues of javascript brings you money in hand without any cost.


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