Catering Website (Online Food Ordering)

Project description

Satkahon BD is an established caterer and approached Tech ICS to develop an easy to use, simplified website for their online ordering website. Time was spent in developing the front end of the website, to give a fresh and modern look to the website.

We created a number of functions for the website, having the customer in mind:

  1. The ability to showcase the products, with clear pictures and product details. 

  2. Booking management. 

  3. The ability for the customer to register, book orders online, view previous orders and track orders. 

  4. Mobile accessibility. 

  5. Order management.

  6. Tracking order management tool. 

One of the key elements to the website was to make it easy for mobile-users and the ability to order food online in a simplified way, giving them quick access to the items available. We went further to create a bespoke bank-end without using any traditional or open source databases. These include integrating their CCTV system, employee management, delivery driver tracking, payment gateway and messaging system. 

Technology we have used to build this product

  1. Laravel 5.8.

  2. Javascript.

  3. Ajax.

  4. JQuery.

  5. Bootstrap.

  6. HTML & CSS8.

  • Project Name: Catering Website (Online Food Ordering)
  • Client: Satkahon BD
  • Created by: Tech ICS
  • Project Completed: 25 November, 2019
  • Location: Naya Sorok, Zindabazar, Sylhet

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