eCommerce Website | MumBasket

Project description

MumBasket is a departmental supermarket and wanted to create an online website ordering system to cater for an increasing demand of customers, who wanted to shop online and have items either picked up or delivered to them. As the online market grows, customers wish to spend as less time possible queuing at the tills or looking at items, and spend valuable time of theirs on other things in life that matters. 

This website was also created with the view of someone using various screens, such as a desktop, laptop, tablet or mobile phone. That was important for us, as customers wishing to order, will not always be sitting at home in their desktop or laptops. Tech ICS created a flexible style sheet, allowing the website to work in any environment or screen sizes. 

They asked Tech ICS to develop a simple, interactive website, with a fully functional web-application to manage their sites as well as products they wanted to offer to their customers on their shop level and website. 

Customers are able to register for the online services, choose items, check availability and pricing, and then select the items they wish to buy. An integrated payment gateway created to be used when checking out. Further to this, it allows them to see previous orders, favourite orders, orders in progress and tracking of their orders & deliveries. 

On the other hand, MumBasket, as well as having a customer management tool, their web-application also contains stock management, inventory management, expense tools, real-time data to name some of the key functions we had developed for the business. 

Technology we have used to build this product

  1. PHP framework (Laravel).

  2. Google font API. 

  3. Vue JS. 

  4. JavaScript.

  5. Ajax. 

  6. Bootstrap 5. 

  7. JQuery. 

  8. HTML5 and CSS3.

  • Project Name: eCommerce Website | MumBasket
  • Client: MumBasket
  • Created by: Tech ICS
  • Project Started: 9 November, 2019
  • Project Completed: 15 January, 2020
  • Location: Uposahar, Sylhet

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