Hotel Booking Website | Hotel Jalalia Irfania

Project description

Hotel booking website was created for Hotel Jalalia Irfania, to allow their guests to view the hotel, their services, able to search for rooms and book rooms based on real-time data on room availability. We know that hospitality is one of the world’s biggest single industries, possibly accounting for 10 percent of all global gross domestic product, so competing in this field is essential if you want your business to remain at the forefront and succeed.

Hotel Jalalia Irfania are a 5* star hotel and they wanted Tech ICS to create an interactive website, with the ability for guests to be able to register and book rooms, able to pay for rooms online and able to print off bookings history to name some of the services they wanted their guests to have access to. 

The key to a successfully hotel business is often the guest experience, including how they view your website, how well they are treated and how easily they can book and check out. Arguably, the front-of-house experience often is the priority but it’s not where the effort should go. In fact, all too often back-end systems get forgotten and the innovation has failed to keep pace. No matter how friendly your front desk is, or how glossy or slick the app and online services are that allow guests to do everything from booking a room, checking in or out, ordering services during their stay and benefiting from e-loyalty programs, if the systems behind them are weak or mismatched, the guest service will be compromised. 

Moving towards the back-end web-application housed in our cloud based server, it allows Hotel Jalalia Irfania to manage their rooms, guests, and other departments in their hotel. We used WordPress, which is a open-source content management system written in PHP and paired with a MySQL database. This gave Hotel Jalalia Irfania the ability to change contents and make other changes when it best suited them, to keep their guests with real-time data. 

Technology we have used to build this product

  1. PHP Wordpress.

  2. JavaScript.

  3. Ajax.

  4. JQuery.

  5. Bootstrap 4.3.

  6. HTML5 and CSS3.

  • Project Name: Hotel Booking Website | Hotel Jalalia Irfania
  • Client: Hotel Jalalia Irfania
  • Created by: Tech ICS
  • Project Started: 28 January, 2020
  • Project Completed: 1 March, 2020
  • Location: Dorgah Gate, Sylhet

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