How to Choose the Best Website Builder

Right, we know that most of us intend to get into business, want to make sure we get found and that’s when a website becomes part of your marketing. A website is your identity and most of us sometimes forget that. For a customer to be, they look at your website and learn more about your business. They want to know more about you and if you limit that information, they will simply leave your website and go somewhere else. 

If you have a strong business presence online, they will be comfortable completing a transaction. Most start ups tend to move into social media platforms, whilst that may be a short term solution, it never speaks about your business and unless you wish to be associated with a social media platform, the first thing you need to consider is what to build your website with. 

Now that takes me to the next question, do you intend to have a go and build your own website? Well Tech ICS Retail has created our own platform to build your website. The costs of building your website is nominal but it gets you and your business up & running in a short space of time. It is enjoying building your first, I know we enjoy and love building websites; it lets you become creative and demonstrate what a business is about. A website should be your identity and not someone else’s. 

We turn back to the topic, is website builder ideal? It is, for the short term but if you intend to do business online, this does not work. It is really great if this is simply an information part of your business but if you intend to move to more powerful systems and applications, then you need to consider building your own website

There is nothing wrong with you looking at your competitors because it gives you an understanding of what they are doing, which in most cases, works for them and their clients. You will be able to understand more of your business market by looking at them. Aiming high is never wrong because this allows you to understand and sets goals for you to achieve. 

We are asked, about the type of technology that is best to use when building your website and it all depends on what you intend to achieve. We can build a content management system, or use open sources such as WordPress, Drupal to name some of the CMS we can use. 

A business should consider the CMS platforms, because updating your website, lets you keep your customers informed. A customer will always log into your website if they know you keep updating it. Creates traffic and builds domain authority. 

I won’t go into search engine optimisation now because it’s a topic on its own but there are no quick fixes on growing your business online. For now, a website builder is good to start you off but to take you to the next level; you need to consider building your own. After all, this is your identity and you need to speak this through your website


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