Library Management System | New Nation Library

Project description

New Nation Library, is a private business, which has a complex business model needed to be simplified through a software that was not open source but built for its purpose. Whilst New Nation Library sold to the public, it also had a distribution network, supplying to other partners and needed to have a comprehensive system to manage their entire business. From analogue to digital, Libraries have come a long way. Books are no more restricted to specific shelves now. Access is universal.

From pure closed stacks of books to open stacks; from digital resources to e-collections - the concept of a library has evolved so much that today we have virtual users from anywhere using the service at anytime they wish. This sudden transformation has brought a pressing need on every library to exchange data and information across the digital library system automatically.  Apart from allowing access to resources, New Nation Library wanted to handle other actions like acquisition, inventory, finance, circulation, generating statistical reports, employee management and other references.

Tech ICS created and integrated a "one-house" approach to build a system for New Nation Library and developed a number of key features that was not available in the current market. To name some of those, this is as follows:

  1. New Nation Library stocks a number of books required by both their local customers but suppliers required other books, which are required by other users of their library. A complete book management tool was created to simplify the process, which also managed their distributions of books to other third party vendors. 

  2. Sales module including the creation of customer data capture and receipts of sales. It then linked into the management of stocks, to ensure that real time data was always available. 

  3. Purchase from suppliers. 

  4. Customer & supplier ledger management tool. 

  5. Damaged book calculations and record management. 

  6. Return book management. 

  7. Sales & profit report with real time data. It allowed New Nation Library to monitor what worked for them and what line of stock did not, allowing them to manage their customer's delivery expectations. 

  8. Human resources and employee management tool. The improved employee retention which is continuously supporting the business growth. 

Tech ICS created a robust, scalable, flexible and easy-to-use as ever library management software. New Nation Library solely runs its operation using our software. 

Technology we have used to build this product

PHP Framework CodeIgniter(HMVC) have been used to develop this project. We also used Laravel framework to build part of the software. For the front end developing HTML5, CSS3, Bootstrap,5 and JavaScript. Besides this AJAX and JQuery has been used.

1. Codeignter Framework.

2. JavaScript.

3. JQuery.

4. AJAX.

5. Bootstrap, HTML5 & CSS3.

  • Project Name: Library Management System | New Nation Library
  • Client: New Nation Library
  • Created by: Tech ICS
  • Project Completed: 10 June, 2019
  • Location: Pouran Lane, Zindabazar

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