Stock Inventory & POS Software | Allah Vorosha Electronics

Project description

We created a combined web-application, which is housed in our LAMP based cloud server for Allah Vorosha Electronics, as they needed a stock management software along with an Epos system. 

We created a bespoke software application to manage their stocks and accounting. Accounting software is a necessity when trying to run your own business and the sooner you implements a good accounting software solution the better. We understand that there are standalone platforms for invoicing software and tax software, however a Tech ICS accounting platform is more comprehensive & includes a number of key features. 

Some of those functions are as follows:

  1. A list of all their stocks and relevant details, valuable details allowing Allah Vorosha Electronics colleagues to share with their customers.

  2. Stock management tool.

  3. Inventory management tool. 

  4. Expense management tool. 

  5. Real time data on sales and invoicing. 

  6. Customer data management including previous order history, sales and pending orders to name some of the functions that are available. 

  7. Sales management tool. 

  8. Report management which includes profit and loss as some of the added features to provide a comprehensive business management tool. 

We then connected this application to their till system, and created a bespoke Epos system. Some of the key functions enabled on the Epos system is as follows:

  1. Access rights & permissions. There are various permission levels, with the ability to restrict any till function, like discounts or refunds. Employee is able to sign in and out directly from till front to manage payroll and hours. Blind cashing up and petty cash recording ensures maximum security.

  2. Stock management. The ability to list products as well as manage inventory to ensure stock availability is a key element to the software. Customers expect to see availability of stocks and managing this through the system allows waste reductions. 

  3. Expense management tool. 

  4. Supplier management tool. 

  5. Customer management tool. This allowed them to store current and previous orders, with the ability to print receipts that are customised for the store. 

  6. Human resources and employee management tool. 

  7. Real-time reports including financial reports allowing Allah Vorosha Electronics to manage a profitable business. 

Technology we have used to build this product

  1. PHP framework (CodeIgniter 3).

  2. JavaScript. 

  3. Ajax. 

  4. JQuery. 

  5. Bootstrap 4.3. 

  6. HTML5 and CSS3.

  • Project Name: Stock Inventory & POS Software | Allah Vorosha Electronics
  • Client: Allah Vorosha Electronics
  • Created by: Tech ICS
  • Project Started: 8 December, 2019
  • Project Completed: 31 December, 2019
  • Location: Airport Road, Sylhet

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